Registration/Book fee is payable at registration time.  No student is registered or re-registered until this annual fee has been paid.


At the time of each student's registration, parents at the Catholic Academy enter into an agreement for payment of tuition.

  • The Catholic Academy of West Buffalo uses FACTS MANAGEMENT for tuition collection for monthly payments.  Payments are electronically deducted from either your checking or savings account. Students whose tuition is in arrears for two months will not be allowed to attend classes. If the school is notified by FACTS MANAGEMENT that the account is FROZEN or CLOSED, the student may not attend class until the account is re-activated.  No exceptions will be made.
  • Parents have an option of paying in full in August and saving 5%.
  • The $150 fundraising fee will be added to your tuition payment to make it easier for parents to meet the obligation

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship funds are available through the BISON Fund and our own TAP (Tuition Assistance Program).  Awards from these funds are based upon financial need.

 applications must be done on-line and are available now for the upcming school year.  Applications received after that date will be put on the waiting list.  Financial documentation and the application must be sent directly to BISON.  Deadlines for the 2018-2019 school year are:

    January 1- February 28th- New Pre-App available
     March 1, 2018 Lottery drawing
     April 30, 2018 deadline for new awardees to complete app
     May 1, 2018 Awards will begin to be issued 

Our own Tuition Assistance Program forms are available in the office in March.  Funds are limited and you may apply once your child has been registered.  

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