Sports & Extra-Curricular Activities

Catholic Academy students participate in girls' and boys' intermural basketball, baseball, softball and track; various clubs, tennis, handbell choir, an annual science fair, school performances, instructional field trips and opportunities for community service and activities. 


This year, Ms. Fiorella is hosting Art clubs for grades 3-8. This is a time to use new materials and create some different types of artwork in a smaller setting, and to create art without the pressure of school expectations. Please be aware that Art Club begins at 2:30, and ends at 3:15. Any student not picked up by 3:20 gets sent to the Afterschool program


Science Club has begun to meet and is extending their project from last year.  The first round of Science Club includes the 7th grade and they are going to be constructing a larger version of their "Arcade Game" .  They began on a smaller scale last year following the model of "Caine's Academy" and will enter their larger game in the demonstration at St. Joe's in December. Science Club will be available to different grades for different STREAM initiatives during the school year.  Each activity will be geared to specific grade levels, but will also provide a fun and challenging learning experience.


Our second year of handbell choir began in October and will continue throughout the year. The director, Tim Socha, is pleased with the progress of our newest members. He is preparing them to ring at a special Christmas celebration at St. Joseph's Cathedral in December.


Girls' Basketball Schedule:

Tuesday, December 5th          CAWB vs. St. Joseph          4:00 @ Nichols                

Monday, December 18th         CAWB vs. Park                     4:15 @ Park

Tuesday, December 19th        CAWB vs. St. Joseph           3:30 @ Nichols

Thursday, January 9th             CAWB vs. Nichols                 3:30 @ Nichols

Thursday, January 18th           CAWB vs. EFS                       3:00 @ CAWB

Thursday, January 25th           CAWB vs. St. Monica           3:00 @ CAWB

Tuesday, February 6th             CAWB vs. Nichols                 4:00 @ Nichols

Thursday, February 8th            CAWB vs. Park                     4:30 @ EFS

Monday, February 12th            CAWB vs. St. Monica           3:30 @ Nichols

Thursday, February 15th         CAWB vs. EFS                        3:00 @ EFS


Boys' Basketball Schedule:

Monday, December 4th               CAWB vs. Nardin 2               4:30 @ OLBR

Wednesday, December 6th       CAWB vs. St. Joseph           4:30 @ Nichols

Wednesday, December 13th    CAWB vs. St. Joseph            3:30 @ CAWB

Monday, December 18th            CAWB vs. EFS                        4:30 @ Nichols  

Wednesday, January 10th         CAWB vs. St. Mark B           3:30 @ CAWB

Monday, January 22nd                CAWB vs. EFS                        3:30 @ EFS

Thursday, January 25th              CAWB vs St. Augustine 7    3:30 @ St. Augustine

Monday, January 29th                 CAWB vs. OLBR                     4:30 @ EFS

Monday, February 5th                 CAWB vs. EFS                         3:30 @ EFS

Wednesday, February 7th         CAWB vs. Nardin 2                 4:30 OLBR

Thursday, February 8th              CAWB vs. St. Augustine 7    3:30 @ St. Augustine

Monday, February 12th              CAWB vs. St. Mark B              4:30 @ EFS