September 8th - 1st day of school - Full Day - Click for Uniform and Supply information

The uniform policy for the 2021-22 school year will be as follows:

Boys & Girls:  The school will be ordering cranberry polo shirts with the school emblem.  They  will be available for purchase from the school and we will notify you when they will be available, what the cost is, etc.  Footwear will be sneakers.
Boys:  Navy blue slacks or dress pants. No cargo pants or jeans
Girls: Navy blue slacks or navy blue skirts. No cargo pants or jeans
As we continue to work on the new uniform policy, we will update you on appropriate sweaters and sweatshirts and what colors can be worn.  
Simplified supply list is as follows:
(1) box of 24 crayons
(1) pack colored markers
(1) box colored pencils
(1) plastic pencil case
(1) pair blunt scissors
(1) pack glue sticks
(1) box of tissues - family size
Cleaning supplies will be provided by the school.