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  • Message from the Principal Thursday, September 23, 2021

    Welcome to a new school year, and for many of us, a new school at Catholic Academy of West Buffalo. Catholic Academy and Our Lady of Black Rock are truly “Stronger Together”.

    There are so many changes happening right now at CAWB. Teachers are busy preparing their rooms for an influx of students. Many of the grades have been moved, and there are new teachers scattered throughout the building. There is a flurry of activity throughout the entire building as the anticipation grows. 

    Despite the many changes, some things are permanent. Last September, Sister Gail expressed our commitments: spiritually, to prepare students to be authentic followers of Jesus; academically, to strive for excellence; and socially, to build a community. These principles, the mission of the school, has not changed; indeed, in many ways they are even more important as we start this new school journey. 

    There will be “bumps in the road”, as all of us get used to each other, to a new building in some cases to new staff, and in others to new families, and for all of us a new community. But we are committed to the mission of the school. We will be “Stronger Together”. 

    Many exciting days are ahead of us, and we look forward to sharing this journey with each of you.


    Tim McDowell


  • Welcome to a New School Year! Thursday, September 23, 2021

    We are almost done with our first month of school for the new Catholic Academy of West Buffalo.  The summer was very busy with moving trucks, boxes, painting and lots of reorganizing, to merge Our Lady of Black Rock school into the building.  A big welcome to our new Principal, Mr. Tim McDowell, and Sr. Gail is the Associate Principal.  We have welcomed lots of new faculty and staff and plenty of new programming.  As we get settled into the new school year, we hope to introduce more after school activities and restart our Sports program.    Starting in October, CAWB will be offering instrumental lessons on site.  In the Winter, we will be offering a theatre program and hope to bring back our very popular Drama Club. We are closely monitoring COVID restrictions and following all guidelines set by the Erie County Dept. of Health.  Many of our after school activities are contingent on effectively managing student health and safety. As we move into the Fall, we are looking forward to a wonderful school year! 

  • REMINDER TO ALL PARENTS: All children are required to wear face masks in school. If a parent has business with the school office, please come in between 8:30am & 1:30pm. and you MUST be wearing a face mask and have your temperature taken.
  • September 13th - 1st day uniforms are required
  • September 8th - 1st day of school - Full Day - Click for Uniform and Supply information
    The uniform policy for the 2021-22 school year will be as follows: Boys & Girls: The school will be ordering cranberry polo shirts with the school emblem. They will be available for purchase from the school and we will notify you when they will be available, what the cost is, etc. Footwear will be sneakers. Boys: Navy blue slacks or dress pants.
  • June 24th - 8th Grade Graduation - 7pm Blessed Sacrament Church
  • June 22nd - Pre K Closing Ceremony 9am - Kindergarten Closing Ceremony 1pm
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