Ndayishimiye Florence

Kindergarten Teacher Email: 


My name is Ndayishimiye Florence. and I am teaching Kindergarten at Catholic  Academy. I am Burundian and was born in Camp Muyovozi in Tanzania. I left Tanzania with my whole family at the age of 9 and came here to Buffalo, NY.  I have been living here ever since 2008, I attended elementary school, high school, and college here in Buffalo, NY. I graduated from ECC with an Associate in Arts and then transferred to Buffalo State College, where I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education. Being an educator has always been a goal of mine, ever since I was a little girl. My father was an educator back in Tanzania and that played a part in deciding my goals. I have also always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others; I would teach our traditional dances to the kids in my neighborhood back in Tanzania and in High school I would help my friends out with their school work. They also encouraged me to pursue a career in education and now here I am. 

I am grateful and excited to have the opportunity to teach as I have always wanted. Teaching Kindergarten has been a great ride. This is my first time being the lead teacher and though it is scary and challenging, I am always putting in the effort to rise up above that. I have a great support system both outside and inside the school and that has kept me going. The kids have been a joy to have in the classroom and everyday they’re growing in their knowledge and I couldn’t be any prouder. They have come a long way.