Michelle Keil

Administrative Assistant Email: 

My name is Michelle Keil and I am very pleased to be here at Catholic Academy of West Buffalo.  I am an Administrative Assistant that merged over from Our Lady of Black Rock School.

Education: I started elementary school at St Francis Xavier and then went to Assumption when it was renamed, Our Lady of Black Rock School in 1983 as neighborhood Catholic schools merged together.  I attended and graduated high school from Mount Saint Mary. Received two degrees in Graphic Design and in Photography from Villa Maria College.

Career: after college I worked on photo restorations, retouching and album design for 10 years.

Family: I am married with 2 children.  As our children grew and also went to Catholic School at OLBR, I was offered a position in the main office. I decided to make a career change from art to Catholic education to keep up with my children’s schedule and to be more active within their lives.  While at OLBR I participated on the Home School Society, fundraising, yearbook, photo club, and helping and assisting our school families.

Catholic Academy: I look forward to be a part of CAWB. As I am eager to learn, please be patient with me as I learn new faces, names and family connections.