Me Meh

ENL Grades 4 & 5 Email: 

Hello, My name is Me Meh, and I will be an ENL teacher for grades 4 & 5. My family is originally
from Myanmar. However, due to the ongoing civil war, we had to flee to Thailand, where I was
born. Coming to America as a refugee, I was placed as an ENL student myself, which enabled
me to better understand English. Thirteen years later, I am working with CAWB in my second
year to strengthen young minds and support every child in reaching their greatest potential. I
am thrilled to be working with your child, and I cannot wait to get started on our journey

Initially, I started as a substitute teacher at CAWB. During my time at CAWB, I discovered my passion in
teaching and working with children. Currently, I am continuing my education at Buffalo State
College for my Master’s degree in Childhood Education Initial (CEI) Teaching Certification.

Outside of work and my educational life, I love playing volleyball and tennis and taking daily
walks. I played both volleyball and tennis in high school. Additionally, I participated in numerous
volleyball tournaments throughout my summer and traveled with my team to different cities
and states. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to go back to Thailand and visit Australia!