Matthew Goehrig

7th & 8th Grade Math & Social Studies Email: 

We welcome Mr. Goehrig ('04) to our staff. 

I have been teaching mathematics for the past six years, as a teacher for the University at Buffalo’s Gifted Math Program, developing a completely new curriculum.  I also coach local competitive math teams. At Catholic Academy of West Buffalo, I teach seventh, eighth, and sometimes sixth grade mathematics.

In my class, I insist that students really understand the ”why” of math. Not only why all the formulas are true and really describe the world around us, but also why it is so important to study. I have years of experience as a pastry chef in addition to my teaching career and I know how important math can be in the workplace.

I also have some experience in coding and building digital simulations, which I incorporate into the curriculum when possible. I believe that students should not just follow instructions and find solutions, but be able to write the instructions in the first place. In the new digital world, our current students will be faced with unforeseen computational problems. They will need to reason adaptively and design tools rather than just know how to use them. In my class, this kind of deeper reasoning plays a large role. I think that even students whose future does not take them into deep mathematics, would benefit from having an appreciation for the power of math.  Most importantly, that the adaptive problem solving techniques we develop in my class are applicable in all walks of life.