Diane Buscaglia

Middle School Science, 7th Gr. Homeroom, 6th Gr. Religion


I am an experienced educator, with 27 years of teaching experience; having taught all grades except for first grade.  I have also taught Special Education in both contained and mainstreamed classrooms.  Driven by the inspiration given to me by the Holy Spirit, I take pride in providing the best educational experience for all my students.  As a CAWB middle school Science teacher, my goals include providing consistent safety and equity for my students within the school setting, proceeding through the curriculum in a timely manner, and meeting the educational needs of my students on a regular basis.  In addition to my professional experience, I am also a mother of two successful children, and am a proud grandmother of five amazing grandchildren.  I was born and raised on Buffalo’s West Side and have also lived in New York City and in Rochester, New York respectively.