Dress Code

The dress code at Catholic Academy is in effect for the purpose of neatness and economy. Parents are expected to make sure their children are properly attired for school. The following is the uniform policy for all students in Grades K-8. Pre-K children are not required to wear uniforms. Uniforms are worn to school and home from school. Students are not allowed to change clothes in the school building. An exception is made for those who remain for school-sponsored activities, and also for gym class. On dress down days, clothing must be appropriates and modest.  Students who are not in compliance with the dress code will be sent home to change and/or will be asked to remove jewelry and make-up.


Students from Catholic Academy will wear the school designated polo shirt and navy blue dress pants or, for girls, blue skirt. Girls skirts must be modest in length. All students may wear a solid color sweater. Wrist watches may be worn (but not smart devices). 

If you are waiting for delivery of the student polo, you may wear a white or blue dress shirt in the interim. 

Girls may wear one pair of stud-type earrings. Eighth grade hope pins are permitted for this year. 

Shoes  must be clean and neat. Students are expected to wear socks with  their shoes at all times.

All student clothing should be neat, clean, and laundered.



Students may not wear hoodies, and may not wear sweaters or sweatshirts with writing or multiple colors.  

NO jewelry aside from that indicated above may be worn, and jewelry may be confiscated and turned in to the office to await a parent retrieval. 

Student pants should be dress pants. No jeans, sweats, sweatpants, or shorts are permitted as part of the school uniform. 

NO make-up, nail polish, or fake nails are permitted.  

No dyed or colored hair.