Universal Pre Kindergarten

Our friends in UPK are busy learning about each other during the month of September.   We are also working hard to learn our new routines and rules in the classroom!

Don't forget that everyday students need a water bottle, a blanket, and an extra change of clothes.  All of these things will be sent home on Friday for cleaning!

Shannon McCooey  smccooey@cawb.org           Mary Molnar - Aide


Welcome to Pre-K 4!!

I would like to take you through our day (as consistent routines and procedures will help your child feel comfortable and secure.)

Our day begins at 8:00am, the children can begin entering the classroom at 7:45.  I will meet each child at the classroom door and greet them, get their folders and lunch info.  If you need to communicate anything to us, please leave a note in your child's folder.  It's their time now!  Once prayers have begun, you will be considered late and will need to get a late slip at the office.  Dismissal is at 2:10 in the  parking lot.

Our morning consists of calendar time and literacy, that are aligned with the common core,  followed by centers and teacher directed activities and some special classes. Religion is ongoing throughout the day. We eat lunch at 11:10 in rm. 109 (lunch and nap take place in rm. 109. Nap follows lunch. We do not eat in the cafeteria so please be sure to pack all that your child may need, i.e. napkins, spoons, etc.)

We try to get to the playground daily so please be sure your child has appropriate outer wear. The girls should wear a pair of shorts under dresses. Sneakers are to be worn DAILY. Please be sure winter boots are “kid friendly." 

Check and empty your child’s folder daily (this helps us know that you have read all information and filled in any forms that need to be returned).

Please remember communication is key, so please do not hesitate to make an appointment if you have concerns. Keep an eye on this website for updates and feel free to email me. We are all READY for a GREAT year !!

Please click HERE for a copy of the supply list for the upcoming school year. You may also find a copy on our Virtual Backpack.


Pre-Kindergarten Basics:

The full-day educational program at Catholic Academy of West Buffalo for four-year olds is to provide a well-rounded foundation for future learning. The Pre-K room is staffed with a teacher and full-day aide. The Pre-K program is one of active learning. The child is introduced to full group instruction through circle time. Listening and speaking skills are developed as the group interacts with the teacher and with one another.

Small group activities span a variety of interests and topics. Dramatic play, the block center, sensory table, art center, listening center, writing center and guided activities introduce and develop reading, language arts and math readiness skills. 

Field trips to areas of interest including orchards, farms, performing arts centers and neighborhood walks, further enhance the Pre-K curriculum. Weekly instruction in physical education, art, music, library and computer round out the program.

Our Code of Behavior: The first few weeks of school the Pre-K4 children will learn to... Work quietly, Control our bodies, Get our mail and pack our backpacks, Treat others with respect (kind words), Introduce ourselves to a classmate, Use the bathroom with manners, Say good-bye to our parents, Raise our hands when we have something to say, Not give up, Behave like ladies and gentlemen in the hallway, Eat politely, Throw out garbage, Share, Push in our chairs, Line up properly, Clean up and solve problems with friends using words.

When the students have a comfort level with the above skills, we begin our curriculum which consists of (10) 3 week units: Hooray for School, My Family My Community, My Five Senses, Seasons, Animals, Construction, The City and the Country, Let's Move, Growing and Changing and Ready For Kindergarten. These all include literacy, math, science, social studies and emotional and social development.

Children coming into Pre-K should have a prior knowledge of: colors, shapes, first and last name, address and phone number, birthday, how to listen to stories attentively and how to follow directions.

Parents School Rules: *Please arrive between 7:30 a.m. and 7:55 a.m. When your child is ill, please call the office (885-6111) and they will let us know. You must also send in a written excuse. *Notify office of any changes in personal information, i.e. telephone numbers, email address. *Label everything that comes into the classroom. *No toys in school.

Shannon McCooey - Universal Pre Kindergarten