Title 1 Math & Reading

Title 1 Reading

Our Title 1 Reading Teachers work with students, in small group instructional settings outside of the classroom, to ensure each student’s reading skills are maximized.  Title 1 Reading Teachers provide remedial and strengthening services to students in need in Grades 1-5.   Additionally, Title 1 Reading Teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to determine the best practices for students in meeting their educational needs. They also provide a monthly parent training to share learning tools and concepts to be practiced at home.

Mrs. Claire Faliero         cfaliero@cawb.org
Mrs. Kelly Shivinsky      kshivinsky@cawb.org

Title 1 Math 

Our Title 1 Math teacher assists students in Grades 5-8 who are struggling in their foundational math skills. Students who qualify are first identified, then provided strategic instruction to meet their individual needs. These students will be provided this extra instruction outside of the classroom in small groups of no more than 6. Through the use of various assessment data, the Title 1 Math teacher communicates with teachers in assessing the student's improvement throughout the year, and documentation of their progress will be updated quarterly. The parents of these students will be given permission to allow the access of this extra help.

Mr. Kevin Steele     ksteele@cawb.org


Mr. Kevin Steele Gr. 5-8 Math, Mrs. Clare Faliero & Mrs. Kelly Shivinsky - Gr. 1-5 Reading - Title 1 Math & Reading
ksteele@cawb.org, cfaliero@cawb.org kshivinsky@cawb.org