Title 1 Math & Reading


Our Title 1 Reading and Math Specialists work with students, in small group instructional settings outside of the classroom, to ensure each student’s reading and math skills are maximized.  Title 1 Reading Teachers provide remedial and strengthening services to students in need in Grades 1-5, while our Math teacher, currently sees students in grades 1-4.  Additionally, Title 1 teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to determine the best practices for students in meeting their educational needs. They also provide a monthly parent training to share learning tools and concepts to be practiced at home.

Mrs. Kate Blandin - Math             kblandin@cawb.org

Mrs. Clare Faliero - Reading         cfaliero@cawb.org

Mrs. Kelly Shivinsky - Reading     kshivinsky@cawb.org 

Mrs. Kate Blandin - Math, Mrs. Clare Faliero - Reading , Mrs. Kelly Shivinsky - Reading - Title 1 Math & Reading
kblandin@cawb.org cfaliero@cawb.org kshivinsky@cawb.org