Spanish Update:  We hope to resume Spanish in the Fall of 2021.  We continue to search for a teacher.  

Students at Catholic Academy begin taking Spanish in Pre-K. They have Spanish once a week, from Pre- K to 2nd grade. From grades 3 through 8, they meet once a week. In grades 3 and 4, we focus on alphabet, pronunciation, basic conversational vocabulary and learning about countries where Spanish is spoken. In grades 5 and up, we get into more specific vocabulary and grammar concepts. Some of the topics we cover are: school, conjugation, telling time, describing yourself, family, leisure activities, community places, giving directions, food & restaurant, weather, parts of the body, health expressions, feelings, clothing, and house & chores.  For each chapter, students get a vocabulary list on bright colored paper. We learn and practice the words on the vocabulary list through listening activities, partner speaking practice, writing activities, projects, games and songs. There is a lot of variety! Throughout the year, each grade also focuses on culture. We learn about Hispanic holidays and different customs and traditions as well.







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