Students at Catholic Academy begin taking Spanish in Pre-K. They have Spanish once a week, from Pre- K to 2nd grade. From grades 3 through 8, they meet once a week. In grades 3 and 4, we focus on alphabet, pronunciation, basic conversational vocabulary and learning about countries where Spanish is spoken. In grades 5 and up, we get into more specific vocabulary and grammar concepts. Some of the topics we cover are: school, conjugation, telling time, describing yourself, family, leisure activities, community places, giving directions, food & restaurant, weather, parts of the body, health expressions, feelings, clothing, and house & chores.  For each chapter, students get a vocabulary list on bright colored paper. We learn and practice the words on the vocabulary list through listening activities, partner speaking practice, writing activities, projects, games and songs. There is a lot of variety! Throughout the year, each grade also focuses on culture. We learn about Hispanic holidays and different customs and traditions as well.

Materials required:

• 3-ring Notebook Binder – 1.5 inch minimum with 5 dividers (Vocab. Lists, Warm ups, Grammar notes, Practice Activities, Returned Workshets/Quizzes/Tests)
• Notebook Paper
• Pencil

What might you want: Spanish/English Dictionary

I also have a Google Classroom account, where you can take practice quizzes, review vocabulary and watch fun Spanish videos and more.

For some Spanish fun and learning check out the following website by clicking on the logo:




Mrs. Romina Mazzieri-Greco - Spanish