Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

Hola! Soy la Señorita Mazzieri I would like to start by welcoming you and your child to a new school year. I will be teaching grade 3 to 8 and I hope that throughout the course of the year, your child will see the importance of learning a foreign language and that he or she will become excited about the opportunities that come with it.

Students will be given oral and written tests and unannounced quizzes, homework and projects and students are expected to participate actively in class and to do all homework assignments. When there is no written assignment, students still need to spend 10-15 minutes reviewing vocabulary and grammar.

February 2019

We are going to keep working and reinforcing last Unit vocabulary and grammar.

All grades will work on “ El día de San Valentin “ with activities worksheet, vocabulary and how Latin Americans countries celebrate this day.

Grades 3 to 5 will start with the weather and keep working in making simple sentences and comprehension.

Grade 6 and 7 will start with Body and conjugation of verb “ Doler” ( to hurt), where will learn to identify body parts and expressions to go to the doctor.

Grade 8 will start with “Verbo Tener” ( to have) conjugation and common expressions.
We will continually reinforcing reading.

Materials required:

• 3-ring Notebook Binder – 1.5 inch minimum with 5 dividers (Vocab. Lists, Warm ups, Grammar notes, Practice Activities, Returned Workshets/Quizzes/Tests)
• Notebook Paper
• Pencil

What might you want: Spanish/English Dictionary

I also have a Google Classroom account, where you can take practice quizzes, review vocabulary and watch fun Spanish videos and more.

For some Spanish fun and learning check out the following website by clicking on the logo:




Mrs. Romina Mazzieri-Greco - Spanish