Spanish - Early Childhood

Welcome To Early Childhood Spanish!

Early Childhood Spanish includes grades Pre-K through 2nd. This program is designed specifically for younger learners. The emphasis will be on conversational Spanish. Students will learn through listening and speaking, movement-based activities, and interactive websites. Spanish culture and basic writing skills will be incorporated during the second half of the school year for 1st and 2nd grade.

Spanish Class Pre-K through 2nd

Students are learning the alphabet, numbers, and colors in Spanish. We will be using a variety of videos, worksheets, games and activities in Spanish to learn. Throughout these lessons, other vocabulary such as family, food, and objects are included and will be more of a focus later on as well as using these terms and phrases in conversation or when describing something. 

Miss. Jennifer Smyczynski - Spanish - Early Childhood


Ms. Jennifer Smyczynski - Spanish - Early Childhood