School Counselor


It is with great pleasure that our grade 8 students are in the process of applying for the high schools of their choice.  Since September, they have visited or "shadowed" and attended the Open Houses presented by the various High Schools.  They will be hearing from both the Catholic, Public and Private High Schools sometime in January.

We are also beginning our Conflcit Resoution/Peer Mediation Program.  Once the 7th and 8th grade students have been chose, we will begin training in conflict resolution/mediation skills for a period of three weeks, in preparation for their role as a Peer Mediator.  The goal of Peer Mediation is to demonstrate to students how to deal with anger constructively.  In addition, mediation provides a system of problem solving uniquely suited to the nature of young people's problems..problems they would not necessarily take to parents, teachers or principals. 



The role of the school counselor is to work with/for the students and parents.  We have found that early intervention has proven to be the key in avoiding difficulties in the upper grades. 

Another facet is working with the students in the middle and upper grades who may be experiencing difficulties academically. 

I also facilitate 8th graders entrance into high school.  I remind them to attend the Open Houses at the various high schools in addition to scheduling shadow days, where they can spend a day at the high school of their choice.


Sr. Patrice Ryan - School Counselor