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All classes are geared for trying to keep 12 ft apart at safe distance per NYS….…. My goal is to keep children safe while trying to physically and mentally engage them. During these wild times one thing that can help keep us safe and healthy is EXERCISE! I am also bringing students outside as much as I can, weather permitting

April 2021

Grades 5-8 - Will be working on the basic skills of volleyball. We will progress throughout this unit by breaking it down step by step starting with effective passing skills, and then get into strategic game play. But the most fun part about our volleyball unit is we will play more active and exciting versions of Volleyball.  My goal is to make sure the students are always moving and improving on their aerobic endurance and overall health!

Grades 1-4- Will work on motor development while also working on striking and hitting a target using multiple different games and implements to help keep students actively engaged in the lesson.  This will also help me not repeat the same lessons over and over again. My goal is to mentally and physically challenge each and every student in his or her own different and unique way every single day so please have your children come properly dressed and bring a positive can do attitude.

Pre-K and Kindergarten- We will be focusing on their development of locomotor movements and trying to help them better understand their bodies to be more effective during many of the different games we will play this month. I am mainly  going to try to gage where these students are physically and developmentally and what we need to improve on to help them become better athletes moving forward.

Health-  We will go through chapter 9 “Resolving conflicts and preventing violence”.  I feel it is a great chapter that will really help these young adults with all the conflicts they are exposed to every day.  Chapter 10 is our drug free segment of the lesson. I will have them all work on a big project that groups will present in front of the class. Public speaking and communicating is an area that I feel most young adults could really improve and benefit from,especially if they choose to go to college or higher education.   These skills are very important!

Nathan Longbine

CAWB Wellness Policy


The philosophy of my Physical Education programming is to teach the students different sport skills and games which they can participate in outside of school time. As their teacher, my goal is to be a role model for the students and help them to succeed. My focus is to show students that being physically fit and healthy are important life goals. Safety is my number one concern in the gymnasium along with making sure students are having fun. Music will be used during class time to motivate students and I will use different strategies to keep them engaged in my lesson. I expect my students to come to class prepared and ready to learn. Everyone in the class is a winner no matter what game or skill we are doing. The rules for P.E. class will follow the acronym “Champion”. These rules will be posted in each locker room and a copy will be in each classroom. The sport units that will be covered are basketball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, football and badminton. Students will also participate in cooperative games and work together to achieve certain goals. A famous quote that I live by is from John F. Kennedy. He states, “Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”

In Health class, students will learn about different topics which relate to living a healthy lifestyle. My goal in Health is to provide students with important information about the specific topic they are learning and ways to avoid the bad. I want the students to live healthy and safe lives. I expect my students to apply the information they learn to their own lives. The first unit we will start will be nutrition. “If you don’t take care of your body where are you going to live?”

There are three different programs I run at the school. The first program is Mighty Milers. This program goal is to get kids moving and see how many miles they can accomplish each month. I will administer the program during class sometimes, and the homeroom teachers will also administer it during the week. The second program is Fitness for Kids. This is a monthly program which students have a different goal for each month. These goals are related to physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Each program includes tons of free prizes students can win individually and prizes the whole school can win.


Spark This year at the middle school level, students will experience Spark. Spark is an enhancing curriculum tool that will help to develop healthy lifestyles, motor skills, movement knowledge and social and personal skills.

Fitness For Kids: is a program sponsored by Independent Health and is open to students in Kindergarten through grade 5. Students will track their progress to a healthy childhood and more importantly towards living a healthy life. Taking part in the Challenge is easy! The students use a Tracker to log all their fitness fun and healthy habits. When they turn in the completed Tracker, they have a chance to win great prizes! Each day, students aim for the following: (5) fruits or vegetables, (2) hours or less of screen time (that includes computer, video, TV and video games), (1) hour of physical fitness and (0) sugary drinks.

I will provide the Fitness For Kids Tracker and/or go to the Fitness For Kids website to print off your own!

Mighty Milers: Catholic Academy has just added a new program to the physical education curriculum. The Mighty Milers program gives kids the opportunity and encouragement to get moving, release energy contructively, improve their aerobic fitness, set and strive for individual goals and bond with their classmates and school on setting and achieving collective goals. It also helps improve attention and behavior in the classroom and improve academic performance and test scores. Mighty Milers helps meet the state mandated physical education standards for total number of physical activity minutes per week. Ultimately, it teaches students the enjoyment, importance and habit of physical activity as a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

Students earn a membership card in the beginning, certificates along the way and each marathon of miles (26.2, 52.4, 78.6 and 104.8), they will receive a special medal. Classes will receive a "congratulations" poster for accumulating miles at three milestones; 500, 1000 and 2500.


Nathan Longbine - Physical Education