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MUSIC - Grades PreK - 3


Mrs. Kathleen Bassett

MUSIC - Grades 4-8

Music Class will resume for Grades 4-8 beginning on September 15th. On Tuesdays, Mr. Socha will meet with Group 1 cohorts for 20-25 minutes and on Thursdays I'll meet with Group 2 cohorts. Lessons will focus on music note reading, using handchimes or handbells. Rather than conducting Music Class in a separate room, each grade level will remain in their own classroom. Each grade will be assigned an octave of chimes or bells which will be kept permanently in the grade level homeroom (a total of 5 sets of bells), along with music binders and gloves. Thirty-two pieces, each using 8 notes, have been assembled in separate binders, so that each student will be reading from his/her own copy. In past years we have written in the counting and highlighted the notes for each part. But this year students will be learning to read without those aids. Because these arrangements are written for just 8 bells, this will be possible -- posing a challenge at first, but over time becoming more and more doable! 


Tim Socha



Mission statement:

The goal of the general Music curriculum is to provide students with the skills they need to be active participants in music. Students will learn the fundamentals of music, basic music theory and history through an interactive program. Through the use of games, songs and movement activities, students will learn the skills they need to create their own music. Students will be encouraged to create their own music by contributing ideas for class vocal and instrumental pieces. Students will also learn the vocabulary needed to critique music from many different genres, cultures, and time periods. It is our hope to instill an appreciation and enjoyment for music that students will carry with them through all of elementary school, junior high and beyond

Mr. Tim Socha 4 - 8, Mrs. Kathleen Bassett Pre-K - 3 - Music