January 2019 News - PreK - Grade 3:

Pre-K- working on songs that tell stories and practice memorization

K - working on songs with sequences

1s t- working on songs with sequences

2nd & 3rd - active listening songs and activities

Mrs.  Jenny Serniak


We will be reviewing cumulative knowledge of musical terms and concepts: whole, half, quarter and eighth notes; stem, note head, beam, staff, space notes, line notes tie, bar line and measures; time signature with examples; handchime and handbell names; octave; counting where we say the measure number instead of beat one; counting 8th note pairs; treble /G clef and treble clef FACE notes; bass/F clef and bass clef ACEG notes; grand staff; solfege syllables for sight singing; arranging bells in chromatic order; recognizing sharps and flats aurally and on the staff; solfege hand signs; “moveable do” and the concept of key signatures; the concept of SATB choral parts; and sight singing with solfege and hand symbols on various SATB parts; “do” as the ending pitch of most songs.

Added to this we will: spend more time learning note names on the staff; continue to learn SATB voice parts on the song Give Us Hope; start learning the choral piece Galop which is solfege-based; and concentrate on one handbell piece that is exclusive to each grade level.

Tim Socha


Mission statement:

The goal of the general Music curriculum is to provide students with the skills they need to be active participants in music. Students will learn the fundamentals of music, basic music theory and history through an interactive program. Through the use of games, songs and movement activities, students will learn the skills they need to create their own music. Students will be encouraged to create their own music by contributing ideas for class vocal and instrumental pieces. Students will also learn the vocabulary needed to critique music from many different genres, cultures, and time periods. It is our hope to instill an appreciation and enjoyment for music that students will carry with them through all of elementary school, junior high and beyond

Mr. Tim Socha 4 - 8, Mrs. Jenny Serniak Pre-K - 3 - Music