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February 2020 - Grades Pre-K 4 - Grade 3

On February 12, our 1st-4th grade students will be going to see the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. We have been listening to some of the music we will hear on this field trip and learning about beat, rhythm and meter. 1st-3rd graders will be improvising and composing their own 4-beat rhythm patterns to create a soundscape composition. Pre-K and Kindergarten students will continue to work on learning about opposites in music: loud/soft, fast/slow, and high/low.

Mrs. Kathleen Bassett


Students will begin each class with a music theory lesson, learning and/or reviewing the following concepts:  solfege syllables and hand signs; note names, values and relationships; the staff; bar lines; measures; time signatures; clef signs; the musical alphabet; mnemonics for remembering lines and spaces; sharps and flats; fermata; rests; counting on the beat and off the beat; identifying bells by which octave they belong to; the order of sharps and flats for key signatures; basic tempo markings.

These concepts will be applied each week by: singing hymns as preparation for upcoming masses and concerts; answering theory questions; and ringing handchimes and handbells.

We will begin to learn vocal arrangements for the spring concert. The theme is Earthsongs:

Riversong (Beck)

In Terra Pax (Estes)

For the Beauty of the Earth (Rutter

For the Beauty of the Earth (Hymn)

Earth and All Stars (Hymn)

This Is My Father’s World (Hymn)

All Creatures of our God and King (Hymn)

Grades 4-7 will begin bell repertoire for the spring concert:

                4th: This Is My Father’s World (Eithun)

5th: Shenandoah (Krug)

                6th: For the Beauty of the Earth (Dix)

                7th: Earth and All Stars (Eithun)

Grade 8 will rehearse their bell repertoire (Celtic Farewell), prepare one song (We’re All in This Together) and commence a four week project involving researching and reporting on famous composers. 

Afterschool  Bell Choir will take a 3 week break and continue practice on February 26, beginning repertoire for the Spring concert:

All Creatures of Our God and King (McKleevan)

What a Wonderful World (Eithun)

Tim Socha 


Mission statement:

The goal of the general Music curriculum is to provide students with the skills they need to be active participants in music. Students will learn the fundamentals of music, basic music theory and history through an interactive program. Through the use of games, songs and movement activities, students will learn the skills they need to create their own music. Students will be encouraged to create their own music by contributing ideas for class vocal and instrumental pieces. Students will also learn the vocabulary needed to critique music from many different genres, cultures, and time periods. It is our hope to instill an appreciation and enjoyment for music that students will carry with them through all of elementary school, junior high and beyond

Mr. Tim Socha 4 - 8, Mrs. Kathleen Bassett Pre-K - 3 - Music