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MUSIC - Grades PreK - 3

Music is continuing for the youngest students at CAWB! We have been focusing on rhythm and form. In PreK-1st grade we have been working on distinguishing between beat and rhythm. In Second and Third grades, we tiptoe to eighth notes and step to quarter notes while listening to selections such as Haydn's Surprise Symphony and Beethoven's 7th Symphony. We've been noticing patterns in the songs we sing and the pieces we listen to. All of our activities are approached with playfulness and joy.

Mrs. Kathleen Bassett

MUSIC - Grades 4-8

Grades 4-8 will continue to play handbells or handchimes whenever school is in session. Students are learning how to read notes of the treble clef. At times they will circle their notes on the score, and at times they will read from scores without any markings. As we continue through the winter months and into the spring, we will use arrangements of secular and sacred tunes, scored for eight notes by James Kimball. Musical terms – such as note values, ties, repeats, dynamics – will be discussed as they are encountered in each piece. A set of eight (or more) bells or chimes is housed in each classroom, along with gloves for each player, to minimize contact between students.

Students, please click here for your October Music Quiz Prep.

Tim Socha



Mission statement:

The goal of the general Music curriculum is to provide students with the skills they need to be active participants in music. Students will learn the fundamentals of music, basic music theory and history through an interactive program. Through the use of games, songs and movement activities, students will learn the skills they need to create their own music. Students will be encouraged to create their own music by contributing ideas for class vocal and instrumental pieces. Students will also learn the vocabulary needed to critique music from many different genres, cultures, and time periods. It is our hope to instill an appreciation and enjoyment for music that students will carry with them through all of elementary school, junior high and beyond

Mr. Tim Socha 4 - 8, Mrs. Kathleen Bassett Pre-K - 3 - Music