Hello. I am very excited to be your child’s teacher. I look forward to getting to know you and your child. Your child will be learning and adjusting to new routines and tasks that are expected in Kindergarten. Some of these tasks include the following: holding pencils correctly, turning pages of their books and finding the correct page, writing their names on all their papers, following directions, etc. Many of these tasks we take for granted, but in Kindergarten it does take effort from the children. 

Kindergarten is an exciting and important year. Your child will be learning reading and math skills that will provide the basis for future skill development. The children will also show tremendous growth this year not only academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually. It’s going to be a wonderful year! 

Some of the things we will be learning about during May:

The Superkids Club.
Phonemic Awareness and Phonics: Ww/w/, Kk /k/, Qu, qu /kw/, Jj /j/ & Xx /ks/.
Handwriting: Upper and Lowercase Ww, Kk, Qu, qu, Jj & Xx. Writing: Expressive Writing, Writing A Book Review, Write An Opinion With Supporting Reasons, Writing Rhyming Picture Poems,
Review of letters, letter-sounds, & Capitalization for names
*Printing our names with proper letter formation (First letter capitalized and the rest lowercase)
*Proper letter formation (We use the Zaner-Bloser manuscript handwriting style)
*Illustrating a picture and dictating/writing a sentence to go with it.

*Story Elements, Drawing Conclusions, Sequencing, Ask & Answer questions about a story
*Recognize and produce Rhyming Words.
*Orally blend sounds to form words, e.g., given the sounds /k/. . ./a/ . . ./t/, blend to make cat
*Consonants and Short Vowels sound review.
*The students should be practicing their knowledge of letter sounds to make, blend and read decodable words. For example, cot, cat, can, man, mat, etc.

*Some of the memory words we will be working on this month are: I, a, the, of, no, for, Supernoodle, put, to, like, was, from said & you These words need to be memorized *They must be practiced on a consistent basis at home. Recognizing memory words automatically blending sounds together to read words is the key to becoming a fluent reader. Doing so will increase reading fluency.
* We will practice the proper formation of capital and lowercase letters as well as printing the letters the correct way on the primary writing paper. We use the Zaner-Bloser Handwriting style.

Math Module 5- Numbers 10-12 and Counting to 100.
- *Count the “Say Ten Way” (Math Way) *Compose numbers 11-20 from 10 Ones and Some Ones; Represent and Write Teen Numbers 11-20 *Decompose Numbers 11-20
*Count to Answer “How Many?” Questions in Varied Configurations
*Regular Count Sequence to 100.

**Continue to Practice Addition and Subtraction facts within five

Science -
We will be incubating chicken eggs. It is a 21 day process from egg placement to hatch. The eggs were placed in the incubator on Tuesday, April 30th.   *Farm Animals   *Plants

Social Studies - *Cinco de Mayo  *Farm Life *Mother’s Day *Memorial Day

Religion -  *Celebrate Mary Jesus’ Mother *Mother’s Day *Ascension Thursday

Important Dates:
*May 9th - No School-Math Correction Day
*May 10th - Farm Trip
*May 24th - May 27th - No School-Memorial Day Recess


Ms. Karla Menchette - Lead Teacher         Mrs. Patty Dils  - Aide


The Kindergarten classroom is an exciting place to be. It is a place where children grow spiritually, academically, socially and find that learning is fun.

We have a strong academic program in Kindergarten. Reading, Phonics, Writing and Language take up a big part of our day. The children also have a daily Math and Religion lesson. In addition to our daily lessons, the students will be exposed to Science and Social Studies. We won't forget many special and fun activities throughout the year.  Thanksgiving Feast, Gingerbread Man Unit, Christmas Pageant and Hatching chicks from eggs are just a few of the special times for the Kindergarten class.

Children that are ready for more challenging work are advanced and those that need a little extra help are given individual instruction.

Kindergarten students will also take part in our special subjects.  During the week, the class will participate in Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Computer, Music and Library Class.

This is an important time in a young child's life. We want to provide a secure and happy environment that will promote a love of learning and a classroom where each child will succeed and be proud of their accomplishments.

Some  great learning sites:

Mrs. Patty Dils Aide

Miss Karla Menchette - Kindergarten