Grades 7 & 8 Social Studies

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February 2020

7th Grade 

The second half of the school year sends students back in to the Revolutionary War Era. Students will struggle side by side with American colonists as they fight for their independence from the British. The journey will take them though the war itself along with the trials and tribulations of making a new nation work. Students will learn and experience what Our Founding Fathers were up against in creating a government and Constitution that worked. As we approach the Constitution, students will work together to create their own Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Following the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers were left with the job of creating a new system of government for the United States. Students will examine the successes and failures of the Articles of Confederation. As the Founding Fathers realize that there are more failures than successes with the Articles, they realize that change is necessary. Students will sit beside the Founding Fathers as they draft a new Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787. Touring the United States Constitution, students will understand the framework of our National government, state governments and laws. As the completion of the Constitution, students will watch how these ideas will be put into practice, as George Washington makes history as the First President of the United States.

8th Grade

Students are finishing examining the relationship between industrial growth and the need for societal changes that were brought about because of it. Students are examining political, social and industrial changes across the Nation. We will be examining Constitutional amendments that will broaden citizen rights. In addition, students will also experience a change in American foreign policy, as our Nation moves away from an Isolationist country to complete with Imperialist nations. Students will see the U.S. theory of Manifest Destiny expand into the Pacific. We will discuss how America was able to emerge as a Super Power following the Spanish-American War, acquire territories in the Pacific, and police affairs in Latin America. They will discover the growth of Our Nation, moving from an isolationist nation to an Imperialistic nation following the Spanish-American War. Students begin to see the country as a World Super Power and policeman of the Western Hemisphere. As the 20th Century begins, students are exploring the Nation’s new world role and economic success due to the Industrial Revolution. Students will analyze how events will pull the world into a Great War and the impact that the U.S. will have during this Great War.



*******************************************************************************************************************************************Mrs. Melissa Salvati

History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside.
John F. Kennedy

Welcome to Mrs. Salvati’s wonderful world of American History! My 7th and 8th graders will begin a journey exploring our past in order to understand our future. The past needs to be examined in order to make the best possible future for ourselves and the world around us.

In 7th grade Social Studies, students will embark on a journey to understand our beginning. Students will begin the year reviewing geography and writing skills. Geography is an important part of Social Studies. As we progress, students will emerge themselves into the world of the 1500s.  Students will explore Native American cultures throughout North and South America. We will explore how these cultures were able to exist independently before European invaders arrived and shook up the world as they knew it. European exploration and colonization will be introduced to students, and they will question the intentions of the European explorers. Included in 7th grade Social Studies is the creation of the English 13 colonies and how colonial life has shaped American cultures and the need for democratic values in our society. Students will understand the value of government and question freedom not only in our country but other countries of the world.  The importance of freedom, choice, and individual liberties will be addressed throughout the year as well. Students will discover the evolving United States as it began, from 13 British colonies to Nation torn apart by a Civil War. The academic year will come to end as the Nation must heal itself following the Civil War.

8th grade Social Studies resumes where 7th grade has ended. The school year begins with a review of the Civil War, examining the chaos and destruction left within the South. As we discuss Reconstruction, students will emerge themselves in the politics and daily life of rebuilding the Nation. Students will understand the continual struggle that all Americans dealt with during this difficult time. 8th grade Social Studies focuses on more current events in American history. Students will discover how our Nation expanded to include 50 states.  They will analyze the shift from an Isolationist Nation to an Imperialist nation to the Super Power of a Nation that exists today.  Students will relive life during the good eras, the struggling eras and war time eras. Students will gain a better understanding of how and why we are the Nation that we have become. 

In both 7th and 8th grade Social Studies, students will see a link with ELA. Ms. Kronowitz and I work closely together to infuse writing, novels, and history into one.  As the year progresses, so will student knowledge and understanding of key historical events. My goal is to bring history alive and create a passion for history in my students. I hope that I can share my passion and love for history with all of them and truly make learning an enjoyable experience!

Mrs. Melissa Salvati




Mrs. Melissa Salvati - Grades 7 & 8 Social Studies