Grades 7 & 8 Science

MIDTERM DATES:  7-1 - Friday, January 18th 3rd & 4th period                   7-2 - Thursday, January 17th 3rd & 4th period

                          8-1 - Thursday, January 24th 1st & 2nd period              8-2 - Wednesday, January 23rd 1st & 2nd period  

The 8th grade helped each other with stuff that really "matters" as they continued developing their understanding of the periodic table properties. They taught each other various vocabulary and concepts using both the interactive boards and digital media. They will soon be finishing chemical bonding and organic chemistry, before we move on to the physics component of the course.
They will also be making a little video for the importance of "Atoms" .

The 7th grade completed their unit on living organisms in Earth's history with a STREAM activity using art and comparative anatomy to determine the homologous structures of different organisms. They had to explain how structures changed over time for the form and function and survival of the different species.
They are wrapping the unit with exercises in classification. They learned to collaborate and design dichotomous keys and claudograms. They used this knowledge to develop organization systems for given organisms. They also then had to use a given system to draw their own organism, which their classmates and others from the school will have an opportunity to identify.

Both groups will have a variety of lab activities, virtual labs, and project based learning activities throughout the school year.


Ms. Lisa Ehlers, Grades 7 & 8 Science


7th/8th grade Science Overview:

The 8th grade Physical Science component will include the various types of forces, Newton's laws, Bernoulli-Charles-and Boyle's Laws, as well as forces found in fluids and their applications in technology. Energy conversions and uses will be discussed in detail and will be related to real world situations. Conservation, positive and negative impacts of various forms of energy will also be topics of conversation and research. Students will also participate in this year Science Fair in March and hopefully many of the projects will be eligible for Science Congress. I am looking forward to a fantastic year!!!!

This year, 7th graders will be studying Life Science. We will work to increase the understanding of the interrelationships of all living things on Earth. We will cover some brief history regarding the discovery of cells, the development of technology to look at living things and the classification system designed for living things.

Students will learn the pathways of energy through the ecosystem, cellular processes from prokaryotic to multicellular organisms.

The "Theory of Evolution" and topics regarding genetics will be investigated. We will look at current topics in the news as well as information from the past. The kingdoms will also be investigated to see how organisms developed from a more simplistic unicellular design to a complex level of interdependent systems. We will also link the connectivity of all kingdoms for a properly functioning ecosystem. We will relate how we can have a positive impact on our planets Ecology and how to limit damage to the Earth. Lastly, we will study the systems of the human body from the cellular to systemic level. Topics will include areas of health, disease, physical fitness and the proper care of one’s body systems. I am looking forward to an interesting and fun filled year of learning!!

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