Grades 7 & 8 Science


Grades 7/8 Science

7th Grade:  Currently 7th grade is in the last unit of the "Chemistry" part of the physical science curriculum.  They have been learning about types of compounds and will finish the organic component by making models of different polymers found in living things.  They will then conclude the unit with identification of acids and bases.  They will conduct a Simulated Lab Activity to see how the concentrations and pH of different substances affect their strengths and behaviors. 

In a couple of weeks we will be transitioning into the "Physics" part of this year’s curriculum with studies of energy systems and motion.  There will be a mix of in home, in class and simulated activities to explore the different parts of physics in science.  We will also be implementing the Tyto program into the curriculum.  

8th Grade:  We are currently wrapping up the genetics unit for the year.   We will complete it with the topic of biotechnology and students will summarize a short article on the topic of their choosing.  We will have a classification lesson experience using the Tyto interactive software program so students can incorporate more discovery based learning activities.  As we conclude that unit we will move into the various kingdoms and their classification schemes. Students will develop appropriate posters ,trading cards or slide show presentations to identify and describe organisms of their choice.  

General science information

Ms. Ehlers applied for a micro grant and CAWB has received some very exciting news ! We have received the micro grant for TYTO Online discovery learning!!  Students will become part of a virtual world where they will explore and implement discovery based learning. 

                  "Empowering students to be authentic science problem solvers."  

             "Tyto Online is built for the NGSS, with built-in best practices like students making sense of anchoring phenomena, learning through storylines, 

                  and engaging in three-dimensional learning. Students are participating in inquiry and solving authentic problems in every activity." 

They will become part of many different scenarios and will implement the Scientific Inquiry process.   This program will be implemented in grades 5-8 through the remainder of the school year.  This program will help our children engage in the learning process by becoming virtual scientists!   

Ms. Lisa Ehlers, Grades 7 & 8 Science


This year the 7th and 8th grade science classes will both be focusing on the new NGSS Phenomena Based learning standards in "Physical Science" [Next year 8th grade will have "Life Science" due to a shift in curriculum.]
The standards have been redesigned to help students learn in a different manner than past curricula. By being phenomena based it will help students to increase the understanding and apply "Why" of things to a broader area of science knowledge. This will create more connections between topics for students to be able to master and build on information under various units of study.
We will also be doing more activity based assessment, so students completing their lab/activity sheets will be very important to their grading. Attendance and organization will also have a large impact on their performance as they need to be present for the activities and discussions in order to receive credit.
Online activities linked to google classroom and their online textbook will also be included in assessments and need to be completed. [If at any point in time there is a problem with home internet, please contact me so arrangements can be made for students to complete their online assignments at school.]

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