Grades 7 & 8 Math


February 2021

The Seventh grade, having just finished the solving of equations, will be moving on to the geometry section of our course.  We will be classifying angles and constructing triangles.  Highly proof based, geometry gives students a chance to challenge themselves with deep rigorous deduction in an environment that is much less abstract than the algebra we've covered in previous months.   Assignments are almost daily so make sure you're handing them in on time!  Also, remember to check IXL! After meeting the minimum requirement of starred topics, further practice counts as extra credit!

The Eighth grade continues its unit on geometry, except that we are moving away from the Pythagorean Theorem and angle measures, and exploring the world of transformations: reflections, translations, and rotations.  This topic is much deeper than it first appears and underlies the study of symmetry, which remains at the core of some of the most abstract and advanced mathematics out there.  Lucky for us, the first introductions are surprisingly concrete and even obvious.  Students are encouraged to make physical representations of the shapes in question and perform the transformations live in front of them to calculate the solution to problems, an opportunity to see and feel calculation happen somewhere besides the computer screen or on paper.

Homework assignments are to be completed in notebooks, with answers submitted online in the form of a Google Quiz.  Notes from each class and video lectures to be viewed at home will also be uploaded to the Google Classroom page

Please e-mail lehlers@cawb,org if you have any questions or difficulties.  

Ms. Lisa Ehlers


7/8 Math Overview: The Junior High students develop a strong foundation in the concepts of algebra and geometry, moving them from elementary to high school mathematics. Using real life situations to present mathematical concepts, enables the students to see the importance of Math in their everyday lives. Hands-on activities lead students from concrete concepts to the abstract. Students explore the patterns in Math as problem solving tools and explore using a variety of methods to arrive at a single solution to a given problem.

All Junior High Math students will experience the format of the New York State test as well as the wording of the questions. Being familiar with the test format will lead to less "test anxiety" when taking the assessment in April of eighth grade.

Ms. Lisa Ehlers, Grades 7 & 8 Math




Ms. Lisa Ehlers - Grades 7 & 8 Math