Grade 6

ELA:  The students have just finished up a Unit on Adjectives and Adverbs. I always tell the students that you will always be using grammar in your lives and will always need to know it and build upon it.

Literature:  The students have been reading the novel The Lightning Thief and we will be finishing it this week. It is a fantasy based on Greek Mythology and the students are really enjoying it.  We will be watching the movie together and they will write an essay comparing the book and the movie. In place of a test, after break they will be completing a group project in which they will be put into groups, write a script and perform their favorite chapter/scene, via Zoom. They will record them and I will show them to each cohort. 

Social Studies:  The students have just started learning about Ancient Egypt, the Nile, their religion and the afterlife. The students are really interested in this topic and look forward to their 1st project of the year.

Science:  The students have been learning about dating of the earth and the rocks in it. We have learned about absolute and relative dating and fossils.  They will also, soon be starting their Science Fair projects in which they will come up with a testable hypothesis to present to the school whether it be virtual or in person.

Religion:  The students have been learning a lot about the Israelites and the promised land of the Jews. We watched parts of the Ten Commandments to get a better understanding.  When we return from break we will be starting the season of Lent and will be discussing that also.

Every effort is being put into the best way to reach each student whether they are in class or not.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated and we are confident with everyone working together, only great things will happen!

Ms. Jennifer Ortner Grade 6 - 

Sixth Grade Math

Sixth graders are studying decimals and have just completed group projects.  I was so impressed by their hard work and cooperation!  The students were placed into groups (and mixed among the hybrid and remote learners!) and were given a task to plan any type of party they wished using a budget of $150.  The object of this project was to practice adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals, itemizing their “purchases.”  The students did a fabulous job with the math part, but the students also showed amazing leadership and teamwork skills.  (They also proved they really know how to budget and find bargains!)  We will continue our study of decimals, focusing on division.  

Mrs. Nicole Wagner


Reading/Language Arts/ Writing:The Sixth Grade students will learn and utilize several reading comprehension skills and strategies which include the following:*Author’s purpose*Author’s technique*Genres*Literary terms*Story structure*Inferring*Drawing conclusions*Sequencing*Cause-and-Effect

Not only will these skills and strategies be used within our reading series, they will also be incorporated into the other core academic subjects.

Grammar Concepts: including nouns, pronouns, verbs, sentence structure, tenses, adverbs, adjectives, plurals, possessives, prepositions, punctuation, capitalization, etc. will be practiced on a daily basis to continually improve the quality of writing. Journal Writing is also practiced on a daily basis to enable students to freely write and avoid writers block. Weekly Writing – Students will write for an audience on a weekly basis, utilizing all steps of the writing process.

The Sixth Grade class will be completing novel studies on the following titles: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis, and Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick.

Social Studies: Sixth Grade students will be learning about Early River Civilizations during the first half of the school year. These include Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and Ancient Egypt. The countries of Ancient Greece and Rome will also be covered. Students will study their geographic features, climate, government, arts/entertainment and architecture. During the second half of the school year we will cover the Spread of Islam, Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Reformation/Age of Exploration, and the Industrial Revolution.

*For each of these countries/concepts, students will be involved in “hands-on” projects to show their understanding through creativity.

Science: Sixth Grade students will be studying Earth Science. Specific topics that will be covered are the following:*Scientific Method/ Lab Safety*Daily, Monthly, and Seasonal Changes on Earth*Erosion/Weathering*Rock Formation/Mineral Testing/ Rock Cycle*Weather and Climate*Students participate in a “hands-on” science lab once a week, testing various theories and hypotheses.*Sixth Graders participate along with the Eighth Graders in the Science Fair, which is held in the school gym every year. Each student will design their own experiment, test it and then present their findings to other classmates and the school community.

Religion: The Sixth Grade will focus on the Old Testament this year. Specific topics and concepts include the following:*Ancestors of Faith- Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Samuel*The structure of the Bible *God’s Call and Promise*God’s Covenant with Moses and the Israelites*Judges, Kings and Prophets*Contemporary Challenges*Self-Respect and Conscience

Math: Sixth Grade students will be working with the following mathematical concepts:*Number Sense and Operations*Algebra*Statistics*Geometry*Probability

Specials: Sixth Grade students have weekly instruction with the following:
*Physical Education*Art*Spanish*Technology*Music*Library




Ms. Jennifer Ortner - Grade 6