Grade 6


Welcome back students and parents! My name is Mrs. Maruscak and it is with great excitement that I start this school year. Sixth grade is certainly an exciting time in a young person’s life. I want to work with you to make sixth-grader’s experience as meaningful and memorable as possible. Throughout this school year, your child will look to you for support and guidance as you and I work together as a team to help your child be successful.

This year, students will be switching classes for Math and Science. Ms. Moore will be teaching Math and I will be teaching Science.
There will be opportunities for you, as parents, to become involved in your child’s education at school and at home. If there are ever any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me at school (885-6111) or by e-mail ( I look forward to working with each and every student this year. It is my personal goal to make the 2019-2020 school year the best yet!

For the month of December the Sixth graders will be learning the following:

English\Language Arts\Writing:  Students will be working on several comprehension skills and strategies which will include: citing evidence from text, determining a theme or central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details, to engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher led) building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly, and practicing summarizing from text.  Students will also compare and contrast one author’s presentation of events with another. The Sixth Graders will be finishing their novel study, Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick.  Our next novel study that the sixth graders will begin is Bud, Not Buddy, by Christopher Paul Curtis.  We will be using Mentor Sentences which will be practiced on a daily basis to improve the quality of writing. 

Science:  Students will continue space science, by starting a unit on the Earth-Moon-Sun System.  Students will be able to relate Earth’s days, years, and seasons to Earth’s movement in space.  They will learn and then be able to describe the effects the sun and the moon have on Earth, including gravitational attraction, moon phases, and eclipses.  Lastly, they will learn what causes tides in our Earth’s oceans and describe different variations in the tides.  In the next week, students will be receiving an informational packet for the upcoming Science Fair, which will be held in the school gym, this coming January, 2020. The date and time are to be determined.

Math:  For the month of December, we are continuing to focus on ratios, rate, unit rates and then they will be able to calculate percentages of a number.  Throughout this unit, your child should be able to see how math can be used in everyday life.

Social Studies:  Students will begin a new unit of study on Ancient China. They will come to understand that nearly 5,000 years ago, farmers settled in the Huang River Valley on the North China Plain.  It was then that China’s civilization began.  The ancient dynasties were times of much growth and change.  Over time, new technologies from bronze crafting and silk making to porcelain and paper were created.  Religious practices and new ways of thinking flourished.  By 100BC, traders were actively transporting goods along a trade route called the Silk Road.  They were able to bring Chinese goods as well as culture to the rest of the known world.

Religion: This month students will learn about the meaning of Advent.  This will include the various images used by the Jewish people to symbolize the coming of the Messiah, writing and praying the O Antiphons, the meaning of the advent wreath and its candles, and showing the understanding of the different ways our celebration of Advent can express Christian hope.     Lastly, we will identify scripture readings for Sundays in the liturgical year and trace the life of Christ through these weekly readings.


Reading/Language Arts/ Writing:The Sixth Grade students will learn and utilize several reading comprehension skills and strategies which include the following:*Author’s purpose*Author’s technique*Genres*Literary terms*Story structure*Inferring*Drawing conclusions*Sequencing*Cause-and-Effect

Not only will these skills and strategies be used within our reading series, they will also be incorporated into the other core academic subjects.

Grammar Concepts: including nouns, pronouns, verbs, sentence structure, tenses, adverbs, adjectives, plurals, possessives, prepositions, punctuation, capitalization, etc. will be practiced on a daily basis to continually improve the quality of writing. Journal Writing is also practiced on a daily basis to enable students to freely write and avoid writers block. Weekly Writing – Students will write for an audience on a weekly basis, utilizing all steps of the writing process.

The Sixth Grade class will be completing novel studies on the following titles: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis, and Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick.

Social Studies: Sixth Grade students will be learning about Early River Civilizations during the first half of the school year. These include Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and Ancient Egypt. The countries of Ancient Greece and Rome will also be covered. Students will study their geographic features, climate, government, arts/entertainment and architecture. During the second half of the school year we will cover the Spread of Islam, Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Reformation/Age of Exploration, and the Industrial Revolution.

*For each of these countries/concepts, students will be involved in “hands-on” projects to show their understanding through creativity.

Science: Sixth Grade students will be studying Earth Science. Specific topics that will be covered are the following:*Scientific Method/ Lab Safety*Daily, Monthly, and Seasonal Changes on Earth*Erosion/Weathering*Rock Formation/Mineral Testing/ Rock Cycle*Weather and Climate*Students participate in a “hands-on” science lab once a week, testing various theories and hypotheses.*Sixth Graders participate along with the Eighth Graders in the Science Fair, which is held in the school gym every year. Each student will design their own experiment, test it and then present their findings to other classmates and the school community.

Religion: The Sixth Grade will focus on the Old Testament this year. Specific topics and concepts include the following:*Ancestors of Faith- Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Samuel*The structure of the Bible *God’s Call and Promise*God’s Covenant with Moses and the Israelites*Judges, Kings and Prophets*Contemporary Challenges*Self-Respect and Conscience

Math: Sixth Grade students will be working with the following mathematical concepts:*Number Sense and Operations*Algebra*Statistics*Geometry*Probability

Specials: Sixth Grade students have weekly instruction with the following:
*Physical Education*Art*Spanish*Technology*Music*Library




Mrs. Eileen Maruscak - Grade 6