Grade 5

October 2021

Students had a great first month back to school. We are working hard on getting back into routines and back to an in person full time learning environment. The students adapted so quickly to meeting new friends from both CAWB and OLBR and have become fast friends and are really enjoying getting to know each other.

This month we will be taking our first IXL diagnostic in both ELA and Math. I want to remind parents, as I have already reminded students that these scores are based off of 5th grade standards that DO NOT account for the pandemic these students have been living through. Scores are used to meet each student where they currently are and to be able to see their progress throughout the year and celebrate each victory! 

Math- Students are working on multiplying whole numbers and decimal numbers. Please encourage your child to practice their multiplication facts each day. If students know their facts math will come a lot easier to them. If they can't recall them by memory they are doing twice the work and will find this challenging. 

Reading- We are using Scholastic Action this year which is a highly engaging magazine that has stories in every genre and covers all the 5th grade standards. Each month we will be reading 2-3 stories from the magazine and then they will be able to take it home to keep and read the rest independently. They have digital access to the last 3 years of Scholastic Action magazines on the Scholastic website with the class password I provided to them. This month we are reviewing non-fiction reading skills for compare and contrast, fact and opinion, authors purpose, main idea, and sequencing. We will do a brief review of each of them and then focus on each one more in-depth. 

Writing- We are starting our year with a focus on the RACE strategy which is what we will use for constructed reading responses. We are going through the process step by step with an explanation for each letter, what to include, and how to find the information needed in the passage they read. They will then write a good copy, color coding each piece of the process. 

Social Studies- Students in both my class and Mrs. Wagner's class are working on map skills including map keys, compass rose, grids, different types of maps, and parts of a globe.

Religion- We will be reviewing call and responses for mass. We are going through an overview of each book of the bible and talking about the major points in each of them. Then throughout the year we will be diving deeper into the Old and New Testament. 

Jenna Jakubowski


Please check your child’s Google Classroom regularly for updated grades and information on missing assignments. If you need their login information please email me. Although, most students have this memorized and also have a login card. If you need help with this please let me know.

Using IXL at home for practice is encouraged and a really great way to for students to improve their skills. Students have skill plans for both math and ELA pinned to easily find lessons that align to their lessons. They also have recommended lessons based off of their IXL diagnostic.

If you have not already done so please join my Remind class using this link:  

This is a great way to contact me quickly with any questions big or small. I also use this to relay information to parents about important dates and things happening in the school. I promise not to send things to often!!

Mrs. Jenna Jakubowski - Grade 5