Grade 5

May 2022

Math - This month students are working on all things fractions! We are learning to add, subtract, multiply, divide, simplify, compare, and convert fractions. This is a virtually important skill for math in the future. Please make sure your child is practicing these skills!

Reading - Students will be reading  the graphic novel When Stars are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed. We will be working on all the skills we have practiced throughout the year to analyze and discuss this book. 

Writing - This month students are participating in a poetry slam. Each student will be learning about and writing 10 different original poems. Examples will be displayed outside of the classroom. After we finish our poetry unit we will be wrapping up the year writing a personal narrative!

Jenna Jakubowski


Please check your child’s Google Classroom regularly for updated grades and information on missing assignments. If you need their login information please email me. Although, most students have this memorized. If you need help with this please let me know.

Using IXL at home for practice is encouraged and a really great way for students to improve their skills. Students have skill plans for both math and ELA pinned to easily find lessons that align to their lessons. They also have recommended lessons based off of their IXL diagnostic.

Mrs. Jenna Jakubowski - Grade 5