Grade 5

September 2022

Math - This month students are working on place value up to the thousandths place. They will be learning to read and write numbers in word form, standard form, and expanded notation. They will learn how to represent numbers and to order and compare them.

Reading - This month students will be doing a unit study on genres. They will be learning about the different types of genres to prepare them for our novel studies and monthly book reports.

Writing - This month students will be learning about basic paragraph structure. They will be learning how to outline paragraphs and to color code paragraphs using the “stoplight” method. 




Please check your child’s Google Classroom regularly for updated grades and information on missing assignments. If you need their login information please email me. Although, most students have this memorized. If you need help with this please let me know.

Using IXL at home for practice is encouraged and a really great way for students to improve their skills. Students have skill plans for both math and ELA pinned to easily find lessons that align to their lessons. They also have recommended lessons based off of their IXL diagnostic.

Mrs. Jenna Jakubowski - Grade 5


Mrs. Jenna Jakubowski - Grade 5