Grade 5

December 2019

ELA - We are working our way through Esperanza Rising. Alongside the book, the 5th grade is working on vocabulary and reading comprehension. They are working on answering questions from Esperanza Rising using RACE (Restate, Answer, Cite, and Explain) to make sure they are supporting their answers with text evidence. We should finish Esperanza Rising just before Christmas break. 

Math – We are just beginning Module 2. Module 2 focuses on multiplying and dividing multi-digit whole numbers and decimals. We should finish this unit in early January. Please practice multiplication and division facts with your child. They are so important for success in 5th grade math!

Social Studies and Religion – We just finished up our large geography unit in social studies and we are just about to start our focus on the seven sacraments in religion. This month, we will be focusing on a unit that focuses on celebrations, specifically Christmastime, around the world. We will focus on both social studies and religion through our study of other cultures.  

Science - For the month of December, the fifth graders will continue the unit on cells to body systems. Students will sequence the path of digestion in humans, and know the function of each organ involved with the process. They will investigate and then describe the role of the kidney and bladder in the process of waste removal.


Throughout this school year, your child will look to you for support and guidance as you and I work as a team to help your child be successful. I encourage you to take an active interest in what your child is doing. Take a few minutes each day and ask your child, “How was school today?” and, “What did you learn today?” and listen to their response.





Ms. Diana Moore - Grade 5