Grade 5 (2)


This month, our study of growth mindset evolves into goal setting and perseverance.  Students will learn how to set reasonable goals, decide the steps needed to achieve those goals, and will learn self-assessment.

We continue our novel study of Making Friends with Billy Wong, and then will transition to a study of Ten Mile Day, a story about the transcontinental railway.  Students will make connections between the two stories and dig deeper into issues such as family, immigration, racism, and what makes someone “American.”  Students have weekly spelling words, vocabulary words, and ELA lessons to aid in writing.  This month, students will take a closer look at their writing and concentrate on sentence structure, response and narrative writing, and will learn how to self-assess their work using a rubric.

In Math, students are learning about prime and composite numbers, and just completed the Sieve of Eratosthenes.  They are currently mastering prime factorization and will move on to powers and exponents before diving into multiplication. 

In Science, both fifth grades are learning about engineering and technology.  Our next unit covers cells, traits, and the five senses.  Both classes have access to my Google Classroom, where they can find videos for enrichment, and we will continue hands-on activities to further their knowledge of the content.

In Religion, we are taking a closer look at the Gospel of Mark, the chief characters of the Bible, and the various stages of Jesus’s life.  Toward the end of the month, we will begin to discuss discipleship and the role which the students play in the Church even at their very young age.  This month, my fifth graders will also host their very first Mass on Monday, October 18th!

Our next biographical study focuses on Jerry Yang, founder of Yahoo!, Inc.  This study ties in beautifully with our reading materials, our continued focus on immigrants, their importance to the lives of Americans and American culture, racism, perseverance, engineering and technology, and this study also includes a little bit of art!


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach your fifth grader this year.  My teaching philosophy is that EVERY STUDENT can learn, EVERY STUDENT has unique talents, and EVERY STUDENT can grow.  It is my job to give students the tools they need to succeed! 

This year, your fifth grader will master the “4 C’s”:  Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking.  Students will be taught to use these skills in every subject, which will enhance their learning experience and set them up for success in my classroom and beyond.

Our theme this year is “You Can Do Great Things!”  We will spend a lot of time learning about different people, those of different cultures and abilities, and learn about perseverance and acceptance.  This theme will overlap every subject- Reading and ELA, Social Studies, Science, and Math, as students learn the content required by the New York State Standards.  An emphasis will be placed on writing, again in every subject- even Math!  Your student will be given opportunities to complete creative and meaningful projects and will learn to take control of their own learning.  Our class will also learn about giving back to our community and will take part in projects that are important to them.

Please check back here often and check your email for updates.  I look forward to working with you and your child to make this a very successful year!

Mrs. Nicole Wagner              


Mrs. Nicole Wagner - Grade 5 (2)