Grade 4




Winter 2021

            I am very excited to have your child as one of my Fabulous Fourth Graders this school year!  Also, I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and your child.  I have high expectations for the academic school year, and I am devoted to helping your child succeed!  I believe that all students are unique and capable of learning. 

            Throughout the year, we will be working diligently to meet our curriculum requirements while preparing for the New York State tests in Language Arts, Math, and Science.  We will be learning about New York State in Social Studies, covering many topics in Science, building our skills and concepts in Math, reading wonderful pieces of literature, and continuing to improve and fine tune our writing skills.


Here’s what we will be working on!!!


            In READING, we will practice our comprehension strategies drawing conclusions, determining fact/opinion, and finding main idea.  We will monitor and clarify, and use questioning strategies, to help us understand what we read.  Our spelling words will have words with Latin roots, and words with ear, ir, our, ur.  Spelling words and vocabulary words with definitions are sent home in your child’s Homework Folder every week.  I recommend studying spelling words and vocabulary every evening to ensure success on Spelling and Reading Tests.

            It’s all about Multiplication in MATH!  We will multiply with one-digit numbers, multiply multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000 using basic facts and patterns, use place value to multiply, multiply by a two-digit number, multiply by a multi-digit number, and multiply with regrouping.  We will check our progress mid-half way through each chapter, review skills as we continue through the chapter, and close each chapter with a Math assessment.  Vocabulary in Math is very important in 4th Grade.  We will talk like mathematicians.  Practice at home on vocabulary terms, in addition to practice at school, is encouraged.  XTRA Math multiplication/division practice is assigned daily, and is strongly recommended.

            No matter where you live in New York, we know that the weather affects how people live.  SOCIAL STUDIES will have us learning weather terms and analyzing and comparing how geographic features affect New York’s climate.  We’ll learn about New York’s many different kinds of resources (renewable and non-renewable), and discover the many different kinds of wildlife in New York State.

In SCIENCE we will be working on the Human Body in the Next Generation Science Standards for Grade 4----The Human Machine --- Body, Senses, & the Brain.  Our body is like a machine or robot. It has parts for moving around, sensors, and a built-in computer.  Many exciting Mystery Science labs will accompany the lessons. 

Social Justice is the theme in RELIGION.  Jesus taught that the way to holiness is to serve others.  In the Church community, we learn to live as God’s image; faithful to God’s laws of love.

Working together student/teacher/parent will ensure success for your child in Grade. 4


Mrs. Kelly Shivinsky








Mrs. Kelly Shivinsky - Grade 4