Grade 3


October & November 2021

Math - How are multiplication and division related?  Math Vocabulary words, factors, product, multiply. division.
           divisor, dividend, quotient, equal group, arrays, digit, commutative property, inverse operation

Reading - Text features in a story, how characters change in a story, compare and contrast, asking and
                 asking questions to demonstrate understanding of a text

Grammar -  Identifying four types of sentences:  declarative, interrogative, 
                   imperative and exclamatory sentences.  Compound sentences

Religion - The Church is Catholic.  We gather for Mass and we serve others.  Faith words, liturgy, Eucharist,
                 talents, parts of the Mass, God's family, scripture, mission, grace, hope, serve

Social Studies - Continuing with identifying continents and oceans.  Identifying differences between a globe and a map, 
                          parts of a map, title compass, key/legend, grid, scales, label countries and oceans.

Science - Forces & Motion - Friction, invisible forces, motion

Ms. Mary Beth Musial

Miss Mary Beth Musial - Grade 3