Grade 3



“Let us not love with words or speech, but with actions, and in truth.” 1 - John 3:18


Here’s what’s happening in Third Grade during the month of March:

In Reading will be practicing our comprehension strategies, determining fact/opinion, and drawing conclusions. Our stories from Reading Street are fantasy and fables. Students will also learn how to write friendly letters.   

In Math  our focus will be multiplication and division and the relationship they have.  Please continue to study your facts nightly. 

We will focus on Stormy Skies in Science. Students will be conducting weekly labs using Mystery Science. Our focus will be on local water cycles, phases of matter, weather patterns, and weather predictions.

In Social Studies we will focus on the country of China.  Students will compare and contrast cultural similarities and differences to our own. 

Religion is part of our daily life.  For the month of February we will be focusing on the season Lent.  


Every effort is being put into the best way to reach each student whether they are in class or not.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated and we are confident with everyone working together, only great things will happen!


Ms. Shannon McCooey


Welcome to Grade 3!

I am so excited you are here! Please refer to the Third Grade Guidelines listed below with your student. We will go over everything together. Thank you and with your cooperation and full support I know together we will have a great year!

Mrs. Munro

Third Grade Survival Guide

Work Habits and Academics

Your child will have several assignments during the school day for which he or she is responsible.

Due to uncertain circumstances, if your child for any reason is unable to complete an assignment, this will automatically become homework to be completed at home and returned to school the following day. It is the student's responsibility to return work to the appropriate area WITHOUT any reminders. Work not returned may result in a zero.

Project due dates will be posted and will be written down in agendas. Students are expected to adhere to these due dates as well.

Please talk to your child about the importance of completing assignments.

Reading and ELA

Our reading program incorporates many different components. Students will be participating in Guided Reading Groups, Whole Group Instruction and Independent Reading. It is very important to be consistent with reading every night. The more opportunities your child has to experience text, the stronger reader they will become.

Starting in October students will completing Monthly Book Reports. At that time, guidelines will be distributed and gone over in detail.

Students will write primarily in cursive and will be expected to turn in all work in their best cursive writing.

There will be weekly spelling tests, students will be given words on Monday and the test will be on Friday (dates are subject to change). Please go over spelling words with your child every night.


By third grade, students are expected to know their addition and subtraction tables. We will be working multiplication properties, fractions, and place values.


Students will be assigned homework. Please check your child's agenda nightly to make sure all assignments are completed. Students will be expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes every night.

Failure to do homework and turn it in the following day will result in not participating in Fun Fridays. Student will also not be invited to the end of the month homework celebration lunch.

Your child is responsible for writing all homework assignments in the agenda, taking the agenda home each day, and having a parent read and sign it nightly. Please feel free to write any messages in the agenda to me as well.





Ms. Shannon McCooey - Grade 3