Grade 2



September 2020

Welcome Back to School!! September is a transition month for all classes.  We have been training and planning for months but implementing a new educational model is always challenging.  The hybrid plan we have adapted provides the best opportunity for children to be present in school.  It also is a tremendous amount of work for teachers, planning for (3) different groups of students.  We cannot answer emails during school class time so we give the students in school the attention they deserve.  Cycling all the special classes is also a challenge so class schedules will take some time to perfect.  Parents, please make every effort to have your children attend virtual classes on time and behave in a manner appropriate for school.  It is very disruptive when a student is distracting other children during an on line teaching experience. 


Every effort is being put into the best way to reach each student whether they are in class or not.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated and we are confident with everyone working together, only great things will happen!

Mrs. Kelsey Pomeroy - Grade 2      


The Second Grade academic program focuses on basic skills, critical thinking and problem solving based on the New York State Common Core Standards.

The Language Arts Program incorporates a basic reading program, good literature, and skill instruction in written and oral expression. Reading instruction is designed to produce life-long readers. Students analyze fiction and nonfiction texts which in turn enables skill building in speaking, writing and critical thinking.

The Mathematics Program emphasizes instruction in mathematical concepts, computation and problem solving. The use of manipulatives across the program helps the students understand concepts.

The Social Studies Program explores kinds of communities including economics, geography, citizenship and holidays.

In the Science/Health Program, the students investigate topics from the earth, health, physical and life sciences through observation and hands on activities.

The Religious Studies Program focuses on exploring and deepening the student’s relationship with Christ, His Church, and His message. The students are taught doctrine, experience liturgy and the sacraments, discuss values and deepen their prayer life.

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Mrs. Kelsey Pomeroy - Grade 2