Grade 2



I am pleased to have your child in my class this year. I'm anxious to work with the children, to try new ideas and to

meet with parents. Your ideas are most welcomed and your questions are encouraged.

March Curriculum:

Religion – Ten commandments, Saint Patrick, the Trinity, Saint Joseph

Reading - story vocabulary; comprehension skills and strategies, plot, problem/solution, draw conclusions, summarize, main idea/details, use concept maps to retell stories

Phonics/Spelling – long e words, endings ed, ing, long vowel words, compound words

Language - adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, writing sentences and paragraphs; summarize stories, use the writing process, cursive handwriting

Math – regrouping in addition and subtraction, problem solving, measurement, practice basic addition and subtraction facts, place value

Social Studies – needs/wants, goods/services, producers, consumers, natural resources, scarcity, how goods are produced

Science/Health – matter


March Feast Days and Saint Celebrations

March 17th - Saint Patrick
March 19th - Saint Joseph

March Birthdays

Aaron 8th
Tyler 29th

A Student's Prayer to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, you taught Jesus how to work and play, help us to realize that we
can gain knowledge by listening and learning.  with you to help and guide us,
we pray, that we will choose the right path and remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus

Ms. Christine Lowe - Grade 2      


The Second Grade academic program focuses on basic skills, critical thinking and problem solving based on the New York State Common Core Standards.

The Language Arts Program incorporates a basic reading program, good literature, and skill instruction in written and oral expression. Reading instruction is designed to produce life-long readers. Students analyze fiction and nonfiction texts which in turn enables skill building in speaking, writing and critical thinking.

The Mathematics Program emphasizes instruction in mathematical concepts, computation and problem solving. The use of manipulatives across the program helps the students understand concepts.

The Social Studies Program explores kinds of communities including economics, geography, citizenship and holidays.

In the Science/Health Program, the students investigate topics from the earth, health, physical and life sciences through observation and hands on activities.

The Religious Studies Program focuses on exploring and deepening the student’s relationship with Christ, His Church, and His message. The students are taught doctrine, experience liturgy and the sacraments, discuss values and deepen their prayer life.

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- Grade 2