Grade 2

Winter 2021

ELA - I am so excited for what is coming up for our 2nd graders in ELA. We have been using the SUPERKIDS program to review and learn new essential phonics, grammar, and spelling skills. Along with continuing the SUPERKIDS program, we are going to focus on becoming strong readers and writers. 2nd graders are going to be spending time exploring story elements while reading new books in our socially-distant, guided reading "book club".  As for writing, we will be focusing on opinion and narrative writing. Students have been working hard on building better sentences. We will continue to work on strengthening our writing skills by writing different creative pieces, including some fun poetry!  

Math - We are currently working on mastering our addition facts. We will continue to strengthen this skill set and begin to add larger numbers. After mastering place value and 3-digit addition and subtraction we will shift our focus to learning measurement. We will be doing some fun, hands-on learning using various measurement tools. 

Science - We will be starting a new unit on Earth's systems, including the water cycle and processes that shaped the earth. This will be a very exciting unit for the students. I have a lot of fun experiments planned as well as some games that will help teach students the movement of water within the water cycle. Of course the games and experiments will all be done safely and within our social distancing regulations.  

Social Studies - In February we will be using our social studies time to focus on Black History Month. To celebrate Black History Month we will be doing research projects on many historical African Americans. We will be focusing on multiculturalism and diversity. Then, in March we will start to learn about Community History, including the history of Buffalo and the American Revolution.  

Religion - As we approach the Lenten season we will be focusing on the importance of prayer, repentance, forgiveness, and acts of kindness. Leading up to Easter we will discuss the importance of Holy Week.

Mrs. Kelsey Pomeroy - Grade 2      


The Second Grade academic program focuses on basic skills, critical thinking and problem solving based on the New York State Common Core Standards.

The Language Arts Program incorporates a basic reading program, good literature, and skill instruction in written and oral expression. Reading instruction is designed to produce life-long readers. Students analyze fiction and nonfiction texts which in turn enables skill building in speaking, writing and critical thinking.

The Mathematics Program emphasizes instruction in mathematical concepts, computation and problem solving. The use of manipulatives across the program helps the students understand concepts.

The Social Studies Program explores kinds of communities including economics, geography, citizenship and holidays.

In the Science/Health Program, the students investigate topics from the earth, health, physical and life sciences through observation and hands on activities.

The Religious Studies Program focuses on exploring and deepening the student’s relationship with Christ, His Church, and His message. The students are taught doctrine, experience liturgy and the sacraments, discuss values and deepen their prayer life.

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Mrs. Kelsey Pomeroy - Grade 2