Grade 1

September 2022

Our ELA instruction focuses  on reading skills and writing skills using  the Superkids Reading Series.   As the year progresses,  students will  receive a spelling list each week.  They will need to practice spelling these words each night.  Spelling tests are given weekly.

First grade Math is focused on learning our addition and subtraction facts up to and including the number 10.  Students are required to be fluent in number facts by the end of the year.    We will use manipulatives such as two-sided counters, coins, dice and other items to learn number facts throughout the year.  We will be composing addition number sentences and solving word problems.  We will also be studying geometry and fractions.

In Social Studies we have been learning about the meaning of various national holidays.  Other concepts covered are community, citizenship, and the use of resources.   We will also be learning the skills needed to construct and interpret maps.

In Science we  learn about plant and animal life, the solar system, personal health, as well as many other topics!

In our Religion lessons we will learn how the Church is God's Family on Earth.  We study the life of Jesus.  We also learn about sacraments celebrated in the Catholic Church.  We focus on living life the way Jesus taught.

Scholastic Book Club brochures are sent home every month.  You may order online.  Our class code is HHVZV. 

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Ms. Sharon Lippert, Grade 1 



Reading: This is the year when you'll see your child develop an amazing amount of vocabulary. Their decoding and comprehension skills grow by leaps and bounds. We (my teacher aide and I) work with the class by breaking them into reading groups for instruction. Their English/Language Arts lessons are scheduled in a block of 90 minutes each morning.

Math: Students are required by New York State Common Core curriculum to master addition and subtraction facts up to and including the number ten. Our lessons are very "hands on." We use all kinds of manipulatives to learn math concepts - clothes pins, coin models, counting cubes, straws, etc. Other concepts learned in math include geometry, measurement, and graph construction/interpretation.

Religion: Your child will learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They will learn to care for God's creation. We learn about the life of Jesus, the Church, saints, and special feast days.

Social Studies: Children learn about communities, community leaders, map construction, needs, wants and the way people use natural resources. We also learn about the meaning of national holidays and symbols.

Science: Weather, dental health, life science, and our five senses are a few of the concepts taught. We also use the science laboratory upstairs to conduct experiments.

Our special classes include Gym, Music, Art, Library and Technology. 

Children entering first grade should read during the summer to practice the skills they learned in Kindergarten. Ten minutes a day does wonders!

Miss Sharon Lippert

Miss Sharon Lippert - Grade 1