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Parent PD Night

Understanding IXL 

February 15th 2022

Top Ways To Use IXL At Home


  • Explore skill suggestions


Encourage your child to visit their Recommendations wall for helpful review or new challenges - It’s full of skills picked just for them!


  • Stay in the loop


Sign in to your child’s account and click on Analytics to see what they’ve been working on and take a peek at their progress. 


  • Celebrate your child’s accomplishments


Want to receive certificates whenever your child reaches a milestone? Sign in, click on their profile icon, and enter your email address under “profile and settings”. 


Every student has a personalized Recommendations wall full of skills that have specifically been selected to help them grow. There are 5 types of recommendations and each one will help a student develop in a different way.

The SmartScore

The SmartScore is a measure of how well your child understands a skill. It factors in question difficulty, answer accuracy, and consistency. Students should aim for a SmartScore of 80 or above, which shows a strong understanding of a skill. The SmartScore is not a percentage score. Even if a student gets a question wrong, it’s always possible to reach 100%. 

Taking breaks is always okay. If your child needs to pause their practice, they can always return to a skill later - all progress will be automatically saved!


The diagnostic is a test taken several times a year to measure student growth. Your child will not get every question correct. Some may seem too easy and others too difficult. The diagnostic helps us to determine what they know and what they are ready to learn next. 

You can view your child’s scores on their diagnostic stats page. Diagnostic scores match grade levels. For example, a score of 500 shows readiness to begin work on 5th grade skills.

Look over the action plan at the bottom of the diagnostic stats page with your child. The action plan features suggested IXL skills that will help them grow from where they are! 

Students can step into the Arena to update their diagnostic scores at any time. 


Sign in to your child’s account and click on Analytics to see what they’ve been working on and take a peek at their progress. Choose the Trouble Spots report to see which questions your child is struggling with or choose the Progress tab to see how their scores have improved so far. 


IXL CAWB Sign In Page 


IXL Parent Guide: What to know if your child is using IXL at school 

Sarah Franklin - Data Coach/Student Assessment Coordinator