Welcome to Catholic Academy of West Buffalo Art! My name is Mrs. Jennifer Aldrich and I look forward to sharing my love of Art with the students.

My personal Art Philosohpy:
Art is all around us. It fosters the development of learning about ourselves and those around us. My philosophy involves the understanding of student learners, child development, artistic development and how students learn differently. As a result, I feel that all students have the ability and capability to succeed in and outside of the classroom. I believe that it is important to integrate other disciplines such as science, music, social studies, technology, and other subjects as they all relate to the area/world of art. Lastly, students need to learn art history, art aesthetics, art criticism and studio art to be well rounded as artist.

What Can You Expect In The Art-room? As a student and parent you can expect that they will learn about a variety of artists as well as art making processes.

Art For The Month of January:

All grades are moving on to the continent of Antarctica as to celebrate the season of winter.

Pre-K through First Grade After viewing clips from the movie Happy Feet and March of the Penguins, students will be creating fun penguins in a snowy winter scene.

Second Graders will be designing their own pair of mittens after having been read the book, The Mitten, by Jan Brett.

Third Grade: Students will create an image of snowflakes using overlapping and composition.

Fifth and Sixth Grades are continuing their winter collages using black and white photos from newspapers.

Seventh and Eighth Grades: Students will learn about the occurrence of the Northern Lights and create their own northern image using pastel chalk.



Art Overview

The Art curriculum at Catholic Academy helps to develop personal expression, an application of diverse art styles and art history, plus an understanding of art in our lives and as a career.

All grades use a variety of media and visuals.  Technology, through individual internet assignments and classroom use of the internet, enables a more thorough experience.  Fieldtrips are also utilized for grades K - 8.

The formal elements of art, along with the post-modern theory of art, are combined to create a traditional, yet contemporary curriculum.  The formal elements of art and storytelling through art are emphasized in Pre-K to grade 3.  This will build a foundation for the thematic and cognitive aspects of grades 4 - 8.

4th grade will be setting off on an around the world art and culture adventure.  Students will create a passport journal where they will record their visits, while creating art influenced by the places we visit. 

5th grade will focus on an art, science and ecology curriculum.  We learn how to express nature in art.

6th grade will familiarize themselves with the various styles throughout art history, particularly modern art.  In this grade, writing about art is introduced.

7th and 8th grade have the opportunity for more extended projects.  In class projects are supported by out of class research papers and field trips.  In the past, we have received grants for ceramics, photography and a video project.  We also end the year with our school-wide "Art Tours", where the 7th and 8th graders show their work and act as docents for our school community. 





Mrs. Jewnnider Aldrich - Art