Welcome to Catholic Academy of West Buffalo Art! My name is Ms. Jennifer Smyczynski and I look forward to sharing my appreciation of the arts with the students.

My Art Teaching Philosophy:
The arts are an essential part of the curriculum and visual art is present in everything we do. Artistic practice is beneficial in the art room as well as other subject areas and aspects of life. Art allows for creative thinking and problem solving in addition to building knowledge of art and art history. I believe that through art, students can express themselves, have a creative outlet, and find new ways of questioning, thinking, and learning. I also believe it is important to integrate science, history, math, and technology as well as other subjects in lessons and projects because of art’s connection to multiple disciplines. My philosophy also includes the understanding of child development, artistic development, and the different ways in which students learn. While I want students to learn the foundations of art, above all, my goal is for students to be in a safe environment where they are encouraged to learn, explore, and hopefully have some fun along the way!

What Can You Expect In The Art-Room? Students and parents can expect there to be learning about a variety of artists and art making processes in every grade level as well as the integration of technology and other subjects for a well rounded and engaging curriculum.

Art For The Month of December

The first few projects and units of the year for all grade levels are still focused on the elements and principles of art. With most of the projects from November completed, it is once again time to move on to new and fun projects! 

PreK and Kindergarten are creating winter themed art projects in December. These projects are focusing on practicing use of liquid glue, color mixing, paper folding and more!

First Grade will be completing their Vincent Van Gogh inspired flower paintings. Their projects this month will continue to be about pattern and color and will also start to be more winter themed. 

Second Grade has completed their Gustav Klimt inspired tree paintings,using contrasting/complementary colors and tints and have started a snowman project that focuses on the value sphere and blending chalk pastels. They will begin other winter themed projects the rest of the month.

Third Grade has completed their Folk Art Trees project and a Watercolor Resist Snowflake Project that also focused on monochromatic and analogous color schemes. They will begin other winter themed projects the rest of the month. 

Fourth Grade has completed the Monochromatic Color Collage project using a monochromatic color scheme. We are continuing to learn about color schemes and will be naming and choosing color schemes in a larger project. 

Fifth Grade has completed their Warm and Cool Hand drawings, where their hands are made from warm colors and the background made of cool colors. Now we have started a new project that focuses on Op Art and optical illusions. Students are using complementary color schemes and value and are learning to blend colored pencils. 

Sixth Grade has been learning about one point perspective and how this makes objects appear 3D and exist in space and have completed the One Point Perspective Bursting Shape project. Now students will be learning a new painting technique and creating artwork that is winter related. 

Seventh & Eighth Grade have been working on a project inspired by local artist, Dennis Bertram, they are gaining skill with using a ruler as well as creating their own 3D shapes. Along with this exploration of shapes, we have collaborated with Mr. Goehrig on an origami activity using Sonobe Units to create sonobe cubes. In the art room we are now returning to the drawing project.


Art Overview

The Art curriculum at Catholic Academy helps to develop personal expression, an application of diverse art styles and art history, plus an understanding of art in our lives and as a career.
All grades use a variety of media and visuals. Technology, through individual internet assignments and classroom use of the internet, enables a more thorough experience. Fieldtrips are also utilized for grades K - 8.

The formal elements of art, along with the post-modern theory of art, are combined to create a traditional, yet contemporary curriculum. The formal elements of art and storytelling through art are emphasized in Pre-K to grade 3. This will build a foundation for the thematic and cognitive aspects of grades 4 - 8.
4th grade will focus on historical and contemporary artists from around the world and the local Buffalo area as well as inventions and techniques in art.
5th grade will have an emphasis on an art, science and ecology curriculum. There will be experimentation with materials as well as appreciation of nature and ways of reusing and recycling to be less wasteful in the art room.
6th grade will familiarize themselves with the various styles throughout art history, particularly modern and contemporary art. In this grade, writing about art will be introduced.
7th and 8th grade will have the opportunity for more extended projects. In class projects may be supported by out of class research papers and field trips. In the past, we have also received grants for ceramics, photography and a video project.

Miss. Jennifer Smyczynski – Art





Mrs. Jennifer Aldrich - Art