Distance Learning Art Projects

Students were tasked with completing an art packet. Here are a few examples.

Amarie - Grade 5

Glick - Grade 5

Noah - Grade 5



Art September 2020

Welcome to Catholic Academy of West Buffalo Art! My name is Ms. Jennifer Smyczynski and I look forward to sharing my appreciation of the arts with the students. This year art will be a bit different but students will still learn about and participate in the arts in an engaging way. Art will be push-in, meaning that instead of coming to the art room, I will be visiting each grade level in their classroom. It will take some time to adjust to all the changes happening at the school but we will!

Art Overview:

The Art curriculum at Catholic Academy helps to develop personal expression, an application of diverse art styles and art history, plus an understanding of art in our lives and as a career. All grades use a variety of media and visuals. Technology, through individual internet assignments and classroom use of the internet, enables a more thorough experience. Art this year will have an overall theme of self-expression and focus on various themes in art while learning about elements and principles of design.

Grades K-8 will all have sketchbooks that they will use as not only a sketchbook but a journal as well. Students will use these sketchbooks in class and at home for art prompts and assignments. In addition to the sketchbooks, there will be a plan to have a way for students to create regular art projects as well. Google classroom will be extremely important and there will be homework, quizzes, and response questions posted on there to be completed at home and submitted by the posted due date. 

If a student is learning virtually, google slides, links, and videos will be posted and we can do zoom calls during the class time. If there are any questions on an assignment, Wednesdays during school hours would be the best time to email me with questions or to schedule a zoom conference. 

My Art Teaching Philosophy:

The arts are an essential part of the curriculum and visual art is present in everything we do. Artistic practice is beneficial in the art room as well as other subject areas and aspects of life. Art allows for creative thinking and problem solving in addition to building knowledge of art and art history. I believe that through art, students can express themselves, have a creative outlet, and find new ways of questioning, thinking, and learning. I believe that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. For me, it is important to integrate science, history, math, and technology as well as other subjects into lessons and projects because of art’s connection to multiple disciplines. My philosophy also includes the understanding of child development, artistic development, and the different ways in which students learn. While I want students to learn the foundations of art, above all, my goal is for students to be in a safe environment where they are encouraged to learn, explore, and hopefully have some fun along the way!


Miss. Jennifer Smyczynski





Ms. Jennifer Smyczynski - Art