Distance Learning Art Projects

Students were tasked with completing an art packet. Here are a few examples.

Amarie - Grade 5

Glick - Grade 5

Noah - Grade 5



Welcome to Catholic Academy of West Buffalo Art! My name is Ms. Jennifer Smyczynski and I look forward to sharing my appreciation of the arts with the students.

My Art Teaching Philosophy:
The arts are an essential part of the curriculum and visual art is present in everything we do. Artistic practice is beneficial in the art room as well as other subject areas and aspects of life. Art allows for creative thinking and problem solving in addition to building knowledge of art and art history. I believe that through art, students can express themselves, have a creative outlet, and find new ways of questioning, thinking, and learning. I also believe it is important to integrate science, history, math, and technology as well as other subjects in lessons and projects because of art’s connection to multiple disciplines. My philosophy also includes the understanding of child development, artistic development, and the different ways in which students learn. While I want students to learn the foundations of art, above all, my goal is for students to be in a safe environment where they are encouraged to learn, explore, and hopefully have some fun along the way!

What Can You Expect In The Art-Room? Students and parents can expect there to be learning about a variety of artists and art making processes in every grade level as well as the integration of technology and other subjects for a well rounded and engaging curriculum.

Art – March 2020 

The projects and units for all grade levels are focused on the elements and principles of art as well as different themes for their grade levels. With the projects from February completed or almost completed, it is time to move on to new and fun projects and topics!

Later on this month we will be welcoming a student teacher from Buffalo State College! Ms. Drenkhahn will be with us in the art classroom from March 23rd- May 14th 

Pre-K has been learning about the element of art known as texture. We have been talking about the different ways to describe texture and participating in activities that also have to do with the topic. Now students are beginning a Papier-Mâché Pizza Slice project inspired by artist Claes Oldenburg. 

Kindergarten is focusing on color and the color wheel. They have been introduced to primary and secondary colors as well as color mixing. At the beginning of the month they will have completed the Color Wheel Turtle project and will then begin learning about how different artists use color to create springtime inspired work.  

First Grade has been exploring the element of art: texture. In March they started a Mixed Media Collage project and have the choice of a shape, bird, or favorite animal to be the subject. They will be collaging, painting, and pasting to create the multiple layers of their artwork! 

Second Grade has completed the Symmetry Mittens project using oil pastels and patterns and are now starting a Doodle Your Name project where they write their first name in bubble/block letters then draw inside, around or even transform the letters to reflect their interests and/or personality!

Third Grade has completed the Doodle for Google contest and project with the theme “I show kindness by…” and will be starting new projects inspired by springtime artwork by various artists throughout art history. 

Fourth Grade has completed the Doodle for Google contest using the theme “I show kindness by…”  and will be moving on to create spring themed artwork inspired by various artists as well as learning that Ancient Egyptians were the first people to represent flowers in art history! 

Fifth Grade is continuing the project based on cardboard architecture which was introduced by a video about The Wikklehouse by Fiction Factory and inspired by architects Buckminster Fuller, Shigeru Ban, and Toby Horricks. Students are creating their own scale models of a building or structure that is made of cardboard and designed to be environmentally friendly. 

Sixth Grade is completing their work on a project inspired by Georges Seurat and Pointillism. Students have been using a dotting technique to create their painting. In March they will be working on an artist statement to go along with their work and then they will start a new project by the end of the month. 

Seventh and Eighth Grade are continuing their work on Wayne Theibauld inspired paintings. The paintings of colorful food are also inspired by the history of food in art as well as still lives. They have been learning about how to layer paint to create a colorful work of art. They started with yellow under paintings and are now adding color and value to complete their artwork

Ms. Jennifer Smyczynski 


Art Overview

The Art curriculum at Catholic Academy helps to develop personal expression, an application of diverse art styles and art history, plus an understanding of art in our lives and as a career. All grades use a variety of media and visuals. Technology, through individual internet assignments and classroom use of the internet, enables a more thorough experience. Field Trips are also utilized for grades K - 8.

The formal elements of art, along with the post-modern theory of art, are combined to create a traditional, yet contemporary curriculum. The formal elements of art and storytelling through art are emphasized in Pre-K to grade 3. This will build a foundation for the thematic and cognitive aspects of grades 4 - 8. 4th grade will focus on historical and contemporary artists from around the world and the local Buffalo area as well as inventions and techniques in art. 5th grade will have an emphasis on an art, science and ecology curriculum. There will be experimentation with materials as well as appreciation of nature and ways of reusing and recycling to be less wasteful in the art room.In this grade, writing about art will be introduced. 6th grade will familiarize themselves with the various styles throughout art history, particularly modern and contemporary art. 7th and 8th grade will have the opportunity for more extended projects. In class projects may be supported by out of class research papers and field trips. In the past, we have also received grants for ceramics, photography and a video project.

Miss. Jennifer Smyczynski – Art





Ms. Jennifer Smyczynski - Art