The Catholic Academy of West Buffalo prides itself on its high quality academic program, which includes:

  • Small class size
  • Integrated Algebra class in Grade 8
  • Religious and Moral Training
  • Art, Music, Computer Technology, Library and Physical Education in Grades Pre-K - 8

Courses of study are in compliance with, or exceeding, standards set by the New York State Board of Regents and the Diocesan Department of Catholic Education.

As the standards for New York State are updated, the Department of Catholic Education also updates its core curriculum.  To view the New York State Standards or the new Diocesan Core Curriculum, please click on the links below.

New York State Standards:

Diocesan Core Curriculum:  When you reach this site you will see the word "Academics" on the left side menu. Hover over it and another menu will appear with the subjects listed. Click on one. The menu will remain available so you may hover, again, over Academics and choose a another subject. 


We strongly encourage you to follow your child's academic performance via eSchool Data's parent portal.