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Welcome To The
Catholic Academy Of West Buffalo

Catholic Academy of West Buffalo is committed to providing a safe, healthy learning environment. Please read our "Airborne Infectious Disease Policy" by clicking on the link.

Catholic education is alive and well in the diocese of Buffalo! At Catholic Academy of West Buffalo, we are so proud of our history of excellence in education. According to Business First rankings for Middle Schools in June 2019, Catholic Academy of West Buffalo is ranked among the top 10% of private, parochial , charter and public schools in the city of Buffalo!

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Message From The Principal:

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Message from the Principal:

Welcome back to Catholic Academy of West Buffalo!

School is upon us next Tuesday, September 6th and I hope every family had a blessed and enjoyable summer! Our
summer camp was a huge success for students and staff, but we have been busy getting ready for another
year, and cannot wait to see everyone! We have made a few changes that we need to share.

First, our dismissal procedure is changing. There were many concerns about the students standing
outside waiting for parents, as well as safety in the parking lot. This year, if your child is being picked up,
we ask you to come to the door and we will call each student out to be released to you directly. This
method was used during summer camp, and went very quickly. Thank you for your patience and
commitment as we implement this change.

Second, COVID restrictions have eased, and there is a review included in the school newsletter. Please
read through the guidelines - this is what we will follow during the school year. Students may wear a
mask if they choose, but are not required to do so. If the guidance changes, we will inform the parents and
community immediately. As the COVID restrictions have eased, we will be returning to pre-pandemic
classroom operations. This means that we will not be socially distancing students, and students may be
seated in small groups in the classroom. While this follows the guidance provided by the Health
Department, it is still imperative that students who are ill or show symptoms of illness stay home for the
safety and health of others.

Lastly, we will be emphasizing teaching and training students as good citizens. We will be instituting
Friendzy, a social-emotional learning program. We are renewing our focus on Catholic values, such as
love for one another, kindness, compassion, and exemplary character. This will not take precedence over
academics, but work in tandem with schoolwork to build students who are a positive force in our school
and in their communities.  Our STREAM program, after-school clubs, and Parent Nights will continue this year, and more
information will be shared as the year begins. The beginning of a new year is always exciting.

We cannot wait to see you!

Tim McDowell, Principal
Catholic Academy of West Buffalo



Academy Headlines:

Fall is Here and so is Are After School Fun!

Monday, October 3, 2022

Welcome to month two of our new school year.  Fall is always the beginning of after school opportunities for our children and this year is no exception.  Tutors are available at no charge to assist children in grades K - 8, who need additional help in Reading. Math or ELA.  Teachers and parents work together to determine what services a student may need.  Second Generation Theatre program returns this week for a 6 week theatre group for children in grades 1-3. The very popular Lego club returns for grades K - 2.  A new program begins this Thursday...Knitting, for grades 2 - 8.  Perfect time of the year to begin  Soccer for grades 3 - 5. Students in grades 4 - 8 will be able to participate in Art Club beginning on Thursday.  There is definitely something for everyone!  Students must register for all after school activities and be registered for the After School Program. For any questions regarding after school programming. call the school office at 716-885-6111.